Dive into… The new mobile reading experience! Are you tired of waiting 5 minutes for the next bus? You still need to wait another 20 minutes

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Dive into… The new mobile reading experience!



Are you tired of waiting 5 minutes for the next bus? You have to wait for another 20 minutes before reaching the train station? Still 15 minutes in the waiting room? In need of a particular reading atmosphere 10 minutes before going to bed? Then, the AtmosFeel experience is made for you!



What's "the AtmosFeel experience"?


The story of AtmosFeel starts with a new technology enthusiastic working in publishing who loves every form of the written words… whose dream is to share a new and captivating experience mixing Arts with the digital world.


The acquaintance of very creative students working in Web Design at the school of L’initiative in Paris during the year 2012, contributes to the birth of AtmosFeel.






Reading in a 100% customizable way



AtmosFeel is reading on smartphones and pads in a way that is 100% personal and customizable:


- According to YOUR MOOD of the moment: select themes or atmospheres


- Adaptable to YOUR TIME and schedule: short stories classified by their duration


- On all supports: no new player needed, nor anything extra to download


- Available in the language of YOUR CHOICE: for written text, as well as talked or even subtitled...


You can activate easily all of your favourite options: musical atmosphere according to the collections, the theme, photography… You can create your own collections and playlists according to your mood.



And what will be the results?


A collection of short stories, poems, lyrics; hundreds of new fictional multimedia stories will become available. It’s the equivalent of thousands of minutes of reading, hearing and sharing material.





Copyrights : cover : © varijanta / © ldprod  / © rangizzz / © Francesco83 - / © Delphine Porré

Allocation of funds

To design AtmosFeel Web Site which will host the pieces of Art.



The 5,000 euros needed to begin will be used for:

- the design of the Web site (3,500 euros)

- the edition of the first collective works (600 euros)

- legal support activity:  contracts for the artists, copyright issues... (500 euros)

- 8% for KissKissBankBank (400 euros)


By giving more than the amount we are aiming for, you can help us:

To develop the back office which will allow the artists, to edit their work directly on to the Web site, by themselves or collectively, and/or, to add their contributions to other artists' works.



You’re the only one missing! 


Today, AtmosFeel is a publisher, creative students, two developers all set and dozens of artists ready to share their work with you…  





Tomorrow, thanks to you, AtmosFeel will be: Brand new pieces of work, happy readers, enlighted texts, delighted authors, chanted words, thrilled musicians, shared stories, fulfilled actors and captivating atmospheres…



Vanessa Lemaire, the project initiator.



Copyrights : © Delphine Porré

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