AUDEN - Healthy Café // Aidez nous realiser notre éco-responsabilité!

Help us to leave a light ecological footprint on this planet! ... in a healthy way!

Project visual AUDEN - Healthy Café // Aidez nous realiser notre éco-responsabilité!
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AUDEN - Healthy Café // Aidez nous realiser notre éco-responsabilité!

At AUDEN we want to serve delicious & healthy food and beverages that satisfy your hunger and nutritional needs in a cozy and friendly atmosphere.


Spending time at Auden should be more than just having a coffee or a snack out – we invite you to spend quality time for your mind, body and soul!

On top of that we are regularly going to hold workshops about nutrition to support your well-being. 




We aim to use seasonal, local and fair trade products of highest quality to serve you the best   SMOOTHIES,   JUICES,   SALADS,   BREAKFAST BOWLS,   SANDWICHES,   COFFEE and TEA   that you have ever tasted! In our Café or take-away.


Food Packaging causes a lot of waste. 

We at Auden want to make the grass greener on our side again. Therefore we would like to offer our customers reusable bottles, cups and food containers to combat waste.


Beyond that we want to use only recyclable materials for disposable packaging to conserve our earth's ressources. 


Allocation of funds


Of course, nobody is obliged to buy the reusable items in order to enjoy our food and beverages - we just want to encourage everyone to be more environmental friendly.


- Filters for our Tap Water : We want to avoid selling industrially bottled beverages. Therefore we offer our very own natural and homemade drinks with our filtered tap water. -> 300€


- Reusable Cold Drink Cups for our juices and smoothies -> 500€


- Reusable Hot Drink Cups to enjoy your coffee or tea without having to throw away anything -> 500€


- Eco-friendly, biodegradable disposables: cups and food containers -> 400€


- Recyclable bags to carry our tasty products wherever possible -> 200€


- Eco-friendly cotton bags -> 200€


Customers with reusable cups will get a discount of 10% for every beverage.


Apart from environmental friendly packaging we want to use furniture made out of used and recycled materials. With your help we would like to buy 7 bistrot tables made of recycled wood-> 900€


We are constantly looking for products that we would like to use. This is why we have not made our final decisions yet, even though we already have our favourites for each item category.

As soon as we make our choice, we will update you on this site!


We are happy about every input or idea from your side to make our Café as eco-friendly as possible! Let us know and connect with us!


Auden - healthy Café (that's us) will receive the entire fund.

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