Azitiz Bijoux fantaisies en tagua

Thanks to you Azitiz will be in the Paris Bijorhca exhibiton in september 2014! A real career launch and opportunity.

Project visual Azitiz Bijoux fantaisies en tagua
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Azitiz Bijoux fantaisies en tagua

I first began as a graphic designer.  I always had the need to express what I felt by creating. 

I became a jewellery designer on an ecological material called the Tagua nut also known

as the vegetable ivory.


I started back in 2012, living in the Caribbean, I quickly noticed the singularity of the Tagua nut, how this palm seed becomes very resistant and solid after being dried.  It’s at that stage that the Tagua nut is being worked on, sand down, painted, sculpted or simply left in it’s natural state. 

The Tagua nut allows multiple uses and is really user friendly, I can create trendy samples and work my imagination with many wonderful colors


My collections are manufactured locally where the Tagua nut growes in Columbia by a small company that respects the environment and have human values.  I’ve been selling my jewellery collection for 2 years now on the beach and they are very liked. 

Having my development thought through, I created a mark called AZITIZ.

My 2013 collection is marked with my Logo.

I continued and personally opened an online sales web site





Today, I’ve been selected to the BIJORHCA exhibition in Paris.  It will be a great opportunity

for me and for AZITIZ to develop for the future.

This exhibition would give me a distribution network for my collections especially throughout Europe and also the Carabbean.

This is why I’m soliciting you today. 











Allocation of funds

The funds will be used to finance the exhibition, a real launch opportunity to seize for my development:


Exhibition Stand : 2300 €.

Material for the exhibition : 600 €

Related fees : 800 € (lodging and transport)

Local site commissions KKBB 8% : 300 €


If the funds exceeds the expected amount, I would be able to print communication tools :

Presentation packaging for the jewellery, bags with printed or embroided AZITIZ logo.

Developement and maintenance on web site.

Leaflets fabrication, local publicity…









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