B.E.N Tools, Aidez à créer l'outil de demain!

Do everything with a snap of... programm!

Project visual B.E.N Tools, Aidez à créer l'outil de demain!
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B.E.N Tools, Aidez à créer l'outil de demain!

B.E.N tool (Basic Elementary Necessary tool) is a tool in progress what will help people to own a versatile home-automation tool. We'll can change tool just in using a different programm!

The first project in progress will be (I hope) the first of a long series. It's a thermostat, what will can control the activation of a heating with a predeterminated temperature.

I'm alone on the project for the moment and I need help to own the necessary tools to develop the project.

Allocation of funds

This collection will allow me to buy :

- the 3D printer Neva Magis of Dagoma what cost 499euros. I need it to provide great qualities of printing. I choose this printer because this hasn't any Z axis and any risk of deterioration of this one what could cause a problem of print. I thank about this choice and I chose this one because it's a french one too, and I will surely keep it for many years.  

- the necessary componant for the project

-Thank's my sister Lison Buffet who help me on the projet and the consideration.

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