Badinez avec l'amour en soutenant la lingerie d'une jeune créatrice !

Badines is a brand of lingerie full of poesy and sensuality. It is made with love, for all women to be themselves, passionate and playful...

Project visual Badinez avec l'amour en soutenant la lingerie d'une jeune créatrice !
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Badinez avec l'amour en soutenant la lingerie d'une jeune créatrice !





BADINE : (feminine adjective) It’s about a woman who is lively, playful and likes to tease




BADINES LINGERIE takes you around a world about feminity, sensuality and seduction. We offer an elegant, playful and sensitive lingerie line ; so your day can start with a smile….






 “Lingerie is an art, turn it into a game! “




We have an ambitious goal : we wish that Badines surrounds you with softness, reveals your sensuality, reconciles you with yourself and makes you smile!

For us, lingerie is one of life’s pleasures…So we created BADINES!


Badines is a hymn to life, love, and fulfillment. Besides, to be as close to women as possible, we made sure that our models look like you. We think that women are beautiful as they are, and we encourage them to send us pictures wearing our lingerie so we can publish them on our Facebook or Instagram page.




(picture : www.le-photographe-niç


We respect all women and those who live in the streets, who suffer from poverty and physical abuse are a cause dear to our heart. Badines is committed to remit 5% of its night lingerie sales to an association for women’s protection.





∞ Chic and sophisticated lingerie, made of the best materials: lace from Calais, swiss embroideries, silky cloth. 




∞ Our lingerie is also innovative as one bra from each line can be opened in the front! Say goodbye to morning contortions!




∞ Our prices are soft too, because our goal is to please you. Count for 75- 100 € for a SET.


∞A delicate selection of personal toys, sexy cosmetics can also be found at Badines.

Allocation of funds




Gather 5 000 € !


What for? Until now we invested a lot into production and pre-launch, but a lot still needs to be done! To fulfill its mission Badines needs you !


Thanks to you we will be able : 


∞ To prospect in France in order to recruit our home-based sales associates near you! (35%) Home-based discovery nights will be unforgivable!


∞ Boost our website and be known (40%)


∞ Organize a Launch Event in Paris to present to you the collection in exclusivity! (25%)


∞ Have some pre-sales in order to kindly treat our financial management!



And if we exceed 5000€? (which we intend to do!)


∞ We will organize an open runway show for all (in the streets)! (≈3500€)


∞ Develop a re-usable packaging according to our values and commitments (≈1500€)



Our dream is to see women wear BADINES everywhere in France but also all around the world!


Find us on : starting the 1st of November !


Follow us on FACEBOOKINSTAGRAM and follow our inspirations on PINTEREST!!!! 





For 5€:  

A big hug when possible and a virtual thank you card


For 10€:

A beautiful, funny and practical postcard to send to anyone you like + a sexy poem and a personalized bow


For 15€ :

Receive a beautiful gold Japan pearls ring + a postcard +  a love note




For 25 € :

A sexy lace mask + a Badines canvas bag that you will keep forever + a postcard


For 35 € :

All in your panties! BADINES offers you the panty / string / shorty of your choice + a postcard + a ring + and a canvas


Line Bagatelle:




For 75€:

Hapiness! A Badines set from Bagatelle line (panty and bra) of your choice ! OR the nightdress! But also the tote bag and the postcard ! You will also be invited to the launch party !




For 100€ :

A Colin Maillard set of your choice + a tote bag + a postcard + an invitation to the launch party




For 150€:

A set of your choice from the whole Badines collection and a sexy box that will keep you happy + a tote bag + a postcard + an invitation to the launch party


For 300€ :  a Badines set of your choice + one night stay for 2 in the Château de l’Epinay in Angers ( + invitation to the launch party of the collection  




For 500€ :

2 Badines sets of your choice + a naughty gift + a one night stay for 2 at the Château de l’Epinay + a one hour spa treatment in the Chateau’s spa + invitation to the launch party of the collection  


For 1000€ :

2 Badines sets of your choice + a sexy box + 2 nights at the Château de l’Epinay + 2 SPA treatments of one hour + surprises  + invitation to the launch party +  A LOT of THANKS




Let's sum up : 


Prototypes creation : Done!

Production : Almost done!

Website : "under construction!"


September and October : Preparation, we do as much as we can, we are on the starting blocks!

1st of November : Launch of the collection and end of our Crowdfunding campaign + first shipments !









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