Bagheram : make people smile !

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Project visual Bagheram : make people smile !
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Bagheram : make people smile !

Dear everyone, first of all we would like to thank you for being here and wanting to discover Bagheram !

As you must have understood, Bagheram is a free app that intends to allow people from all over the world to send videos to one and only one person whom they might not know but with whom they share a common passion !

We believe that by consuming less, we can consume better. This is why the personalised video centered around a passion or emotion will always be sent to one and only one person. To go beyond this, we will give back a part of our revenues to ReforestAction - an association whose aim it is to plant trees all over the world.

We are targeting all of you who are curious, who like to offer and surprise people, who like to be surprised and who enjoy the little things in life just like making someone smile !

Bagheram is your app. Thank you for your trust ;)

Cyriel & Aubry

The V1 will look like this !

Allocation of funds

We are very lucky. Since the beginning, we have received the trust and help from our friends and families. But we are now before THE big step: development.

With this campaign, we would like to gather at least 5.000€, so that we can develop the algorithm which will connect two unknown persons who share passions & emotions.

If we reach 8.000€, we will be able to develop the dynamic message system and upgrade the UX design within the app

If we reach 11.000€, we will be able to implement the gamification interface because we want Bagheram to remain a fun & cool place

If we reach 15.000  € .... well aside from giving all of you a huuuuge kiss, we will be able to develop the best back office we could hope for so that we will always be able to deliver you the best experience you could wish for.

Thank you again and love from all around the world !

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