BANC PUBLIC is a sketch comedy webserie. Just awarded in Los Angeles for "Best writing - Translated Comedy", BANC PUBLIC webserie needs your help to raise enough funds to shoot its 2nd season, with even more stories and hilarious characters !!!

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BANC PUBLIC (Public Bench) is a sketch comedy webserie.


"Chronicles of a public bench, silent guard of anecdotes left daily to its discretion."


Just awarded in Los Angeles for "Best writing - Translated Comedy », BANC PUBLIC webserie is cooking its second season with even more stories and hilarious characters !!!

Ten new 3-minutes episodes with a dark, absurd, sometimes caustic humor, describe gatherings, collisions, slices of life of various persons and things, meeting on a same public bench.



A clumsy seducer versus a fiery italian girl, a hysterical feminist facing a pragmatic caribean guy, a boy listening amusedly an eloquent but depressive man, an unsuccessful date or the absurd parody of a Brassens song... After the first season, BANC PUBLIC is coming back with new characters : which one will be your favourite ? And of course, the one who makes everything happen : the public bench...


BANC PUBLIC is a free-broadcasted webserie, aiming at appearing on a national television channel, after Martinique Première (French regional TV channel) : who knows?





BANC PUBLIC's first season has been honoured and awarded by cinema and web professionnals:

  - Best Writing Award - Translated Comedy at Los Angeles WebFest 2012

  - Public Award 2009 at the 6th Le Court Baz'Art Festival, Les Herbiers

  - Official selections at Marseille Web Fest 2011, Festival d’Alès 2009.


Awards give us wonderful reasons and motivation to pursue, but they're not funds... so we need your support to make it happen!





BANC PUBLIC season 2 means:

  - Two times more episodes

  - Two times more characters

  - New talented actors !

  - A young motivated crew : DOUBLE PIGEON and a dynamic (and voluntary!) production team : TICOPROD, working with the author and film director Koreen Valard

  - Laugh, laugh and laugh !!!!


Previewing season 2:

An old school gangster who teach the business to his stupid nephew, a father who tries desperately to find a regular baby-sitter, a weird wedding anniversary or the epic meeting of a business man and homeless persons.... And a lot more of characters et surprises !!


BANC PUBLIC official Facebook page:


Allocation of funds

Collected funds will cover a part of the costs to make the 10 episodes of the season: one week shooting, the editing and some publicity material for the webserie.

Thanks to all voluntary actors and crew giving their talent and sharing their equipment to complete the budget !!!

Your support to BANC PUBLIC season 2 is a precious help to raise more funds for the broadcasting and the promotion of the serie... on the web and more!


The collected funds will be used as this:

3000 euros for the shooting among wich:

 - 1500 euros for the technical rentals (cameras & sound)

 - 900 euros for the set, costumes and props

 - 400 euros for the set management and for at least a hot meal for the team !

 - 200 euros for the actors and crew transportations

1500 euros for the editing and the post-production

500 euros for the media supports : DVD, posters, Beta, etc.


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A poster of PUBLIC BENCH
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A poster of PUBLIC BENCH, a DVD of season 2
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A poster of PUBLIC BENCH, a DVD of season 2, your name in the "thanks" credits of season 2
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For €100

A poster of PUBLIC BENCH with a dedication, a DVD of both seasons 1 and 2 with a dedication, your name in the "thanks" credits of season 2 and on the official Facebook page
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For €250

Previous rewards + an invitation to the preview showing of season 2

For €500

You are sponsoring an episode! Previous rewards + your name in the "thanks" credits of the episode and a dinner with the team
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You are a super-sponsor!!! Previous rewards + BANC PUBLIC Saison 2 clapperboard !!!
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