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Participate to the development of our new Spring/Summer collection 2016, we take car of you to enjoy a warm and cozy winter.

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A young Parisian brand launched in March 2015 by Cédric, 27, who has left everything to realize his entrepreneurial dream.


It was after a trip abroad, while wearing his sneakers made in France, he discovered a huge enthusiasm for this product, and more generally for the casual-cic style so French.


Back in Paris, nostalgia is there and the desire to prolong this holiday too. "Under the paving stones, the beach !  " It was sais, it's time to prove it.




Surrounded by an ultra-motivated team, we decided to launch a line of chic and urban espadrilles, equally comfortable in the city and the beach. Summer colors, noble materials like leahter or cotton, we have also selected the best French and Spanish providers to offer quality products, well finished.


The plus to be sure to perfectly accord your espadrilles to your outfits? We proposed this year the ability to customize your espadrilles from 57 000 possible combinations, directly on our website.


If you don't know us yet, you can discover our 2015 collection on our website:





This summer you were numerous to support us and to plébiscite our products. The start was full of beautiful surprises and we want to continue this way. And for this, we need you !



But then, fall has settled and we had to pack away our beautiful sneakers.

No more cocktails, beach and sun. Winter is coming, so we exchange wardrobe and we say hello to comfy beanies and hot chocolate at the fireplace !




This is an opportunity for us to actively prepare the new Spring / Summer 2016 collection, and via KissKissBankBank we offer you the possibility to become involved in our project, your way.





Developing a new collection involves many expenses, such as buying raw materials, designing prototypes or purchase special tools. And all of this is played early. The funds will therefore be completely reinvested in 2016. And 10% of our benefits will be donated to the association Action Froid.

 It is also an opportunity to offer you beautiful products, created specifically for this campaign.



A preview of the 2016 collection?


Unfortunately, it is too early to reveal everything, but if you liked the collection in 2015 you should love the one to come.

You will always find beautiful materials, new leathers and fabrics, plain and patterned, and a new range of tennis inspired by or edition of "Douillettes" you will discover below.


And exclusively we can tell you that there will not be only shoes, chic accessories will be in the spotlight!   Finally, know that manufacturing will always be 100% French or Spanish, depending on the products and the know-how.





That's when you're probably wondering: summer 2016 is good, but it's far. What do we gain for this winter?


It's simple, as you help us prepare our collection 2016, we take care of equip yourself from head to toe for the winter. We promise it to be warm and cocooning !


It is imperative that you avoid catching a cold and finish under an avalanche of handkerchiefs, huh Léa?









So we've prepared some accessories to keep you warm ...  


Starting with our magnet "advice of the day" to read before to step outside!  


We also offer a magical little hot water bottle which promises wonderful warm minutes when your hands will feel in need! The principle ? Press the small metal disc inside the water bottle and enjoy 30 minutes of heat. When finished, place it in boiling water for 5 minutes and it will be operational again.  You can repeat up to 500 times.




For the more sensitive to cold,  we have created in collaboration with a workshop in Saint-Etienne, a line of beanies and scarves:





Our men models Canadien and Canadienne are 100% wool.


Our women models Suédois/Suédoise and Norvégien/Norvégienne are in acrylic, wool and Alpaca with a pompon 100% wool.


With a little detail for our Norvégiens models, they are dotted by golden threads :




All our models have a leather piece with our logo embossed and hand sewn.


Finally aware that beanies are knitted using a particular technique, called "Sans couture". They are made in one piece, so you can forget the small bead that usually bothers you and enjoy an ultra-comfortable beanie.    



We also created, specifically for this campaign, midseason sneakers: The "Douillettes". To make the transition Summer - Winter smoothly, they are in knitted wool, boiled wool, tweed and leather. They also have a leather insole for maximum comfort.  


* Advice for size: take your usual size.







And since we do not leave any detail to chance, our "Douillettes" are recognizable thanks to the small square leather logo on the back of each pair.



For us the quality of materials and choice of providers are essential in the development of our products, and this is the same for the products we propose you here.


So we chose our suppliers where the expertise was the best, whether in France or Spain.








For us, crowdfunding sounds like with "mutual aid". And for some people in difficulty the terms "spend the winter" really make sense, so it was really important for us to donate a portion of our profits to the Action Froid association.



This association makes actions throughout France to help the homeless to fight against the ravages of cold, particularly through "marauding" during which volunteers distribute blankets, warm clothes and hot drinks or soups.  



We really want to give them our help, in our own way, by donating 10% of the sales price of each of our products to the association.



To know more about the association :





Allocation of funds

To enable us to develop our new Spring / Summer 2016, the minimum goal is 8000 euros.



 Here is how they will be distributed:  




This leaves us 18% of 8000 euros collected to develop our collection, or 1440 euros.


Here's what they will be useful:

- Prototypes: 800 €

- Purchases of materials (leather, cloth): € 290

- Creation of specific tools: € 350






If we reach the € 10,000 we will invest to prospect the shops to expand our presence throughout France. Expenses will be particularly related to travel, printing sales brochures etc.


If we reach the € 15,000 we can then move us to the international salons in order to export our products. We already have some contacts abroad, we could make this happen.


If we exceed € 15,000, we can expand a little the team and hire an intern to ensure the commercial representation of the company and thus ensure its development.


Of course, the more the amount of the collect grows, the more the amount donated to the association will be high.      



Like our project? So as Léa, support us and be happy for the winter !





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Estimated delivery: December 2015

For the first 10 : a beanie of your choice and a magical hot water bottle offered. (€4,50 donated to Action Froid)
  • 10 backers
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Estimated delivery: December 2015

For the first 10 : a pair of "Douillettes" of your choice and a magical hot water bottle offered. (€ 7 donated to Action Froid)
  • 10 backers
  • 0/10 available