Beautiful Badness - Nouvel EP 5 titres - New EP

Participez à la création du nouvel EP de Beautiful Badness ! Participate in the creation of Beautiful Badness' new EP !

Project visual Beautiful Badness - Nouvel EP 5 titres - New EP
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Beautiful Badness - Nouvel EP 5 titres - New EP

Thanks to all of you, our initial goal of 4000 € has been reached: THANK YOU !!! But the story goes on... If we reach a bigger amount, more things will be realised.


If we reach 150% of the initial amount (6000%), then we will be able to finance a promotion outside Wallonia (Flanders and/or France) and give more sense to this whole project and to your participation.


If we reach 175% (7000%), then we will finance the making of a vynil edition of the EP and propose to the public a beautiful product !


A few days left, to be continued...






Beautiful Badness is a collective from Brussels gathered around the French singer and composer Gabriel Sesboué. The band is inspired by artists such as Agnès ObelAaron  and Woodkid as well as classic references like QueenPink Floyd, Radiohead or Jeff Buckley, producing a lyrical and poetic sound focused on the piano and the vocals.




We founded this collective in Brussels at the end of 2011. After a promising debut, and a second place at the Francofolies de Spa’s contest, a first self-produced EP is released with the song Run as a single:




From 2012 to 2014, stages have been getting bigger and bigger for the band, (Botanique, VK, Ferme Du Biéreau…etc), including a lot of support acts (Kodaline, Birdpen, Stereo Grand, Perry Rose…). The band’s line-up has always been evolving as we crossed the road of new musicians. Our musical universe has taken a deeper colour, and the time for the making of a new release has come. We really believe that making a condensed 5 tracks EP, with a strong image and identity, is the necessary step if we want to reach a bigger audience and prepare the public for a future complete album. 





The first single from this EP has been released in january 2015 and is called A Sunny Morning. It has been produced by the Flemish artist Koen Gisen, husband and producer of An Pierlé, bringing to the song another main influence of ours. This particular song gathers the band, a string quartet and an old harmonium from the 19th century. This song is already very welcomed by the Medias and is currently played on two national radios (Classic 21, La Première). The music video, completely conceived by the band (story board, scenery…) and directed by Alain Clément, shows well the artistic direction taken by the band for this new record:



Here is the spirit we want to give to our new EP: gathering old and modern sounds, mixing catchy and strong melodies with dark and heavy pianos, moving from powerful drums and guitars to A Capella choirs in a few seconds. In the end we want to make five songs that take you to a trip through all kind of emotions. To make this beautiful CD, to give it a singular visual universe and to make a good promotion for all that work, we need your help.


The work has already begun, help us to finish it!



Recording piano in Gent, November 2014



On stage at Les Nuits Botanique, May 2015



Working on the preparation of A Sunny Morning's video



Shooting "A sunny morning"' video



Allocation of funds

The crowdfunding campaign is only a part of the whole budget. We are going to put in the box the same amount ourselves, and the project also benefits from a 3500€ grant! (given by the Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles)





Thanks to that, the work has already begun. All the songs are written. An important part has been recorded and two of them have been mixed in Koen Gisen’s Studio, in Gent.

We need your help:

      -  to finish the recording sessions, the mixing and the mastering.

      -  to give this album a series of videos and visual artworks that completes our artistic vision.

      -  to bring all this work to the public thanks to a good promotion.


The 11500€ will  be used as shown:






4500€: Recording.

We are lucky to have inside our own band: a composer, a sound engineer and a producer. Thanks to that, an important part of the job can be done without help from the outside. But to get the best final mix, we will need the help of an experienced producer. We will also need to finance the mastering. For example, thanks to the crowdfunding, we will be able to work again with Koen Gisen (An Pierlé, The Bony King Of Nowhere, Robbing Millions…).


3000€ Visual production

Having a strong and original visual universe has never been as essential as today. That’s why we brought a special attention to the making of the video for A Sunny Morning. We want to do the same again with several videos that confirm this artistic direction, always imagined and designed by us, and realised thanks to a professional team. We will also work with a graphic designer for the artwork and all the visual contents.


1000€ Manufacturing

That is the money needed for 1000 copies of a great packaging, that makes you want to open it and see what is inside.



3000€ Promotion

Finally, to make sure all this work reaches a lot of ears, we will invest in the promotion:

-  By working with a press agent who will bring the EP to the radios and the press in general.

-  By making all the posters, flyers and other ads needed.

-  By making campaigns on the internet and social networks for every important release (single, EP, release party…).



Thanks to your help, we will find the missing pieces to finish a beautiful 5 tracks release, that we will be proud to defend on stage. Join us now!

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