Belgian Enduro Cup 2019

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Belgian Enduro Cup 2019


For 3 years, the Mountain Bike Enduro Association has been supporting the organization of events around the Enduro.



Enduro is a mountain bike discipline that appeared several years ago and consists of several timed stages whose profile is mainly descending on technical and physical courses. All connected by untimed connections but within a certain period requested. This discipline is a Mix between Cross Country and Downhill and is spectacular, as the courses are more and more demanding at the mechanical levelthan Technique or Physics.In full development around the world and growing for 3 years in Belgium thanks to the Belgian Enduro Cup, this discipline sees its number of practitioners increase day by day.


The goal of the projet


For 2019, we decided to reinforce the important points such as signage or timing but also to improve those who asked for it, such as communication and safety equipment made available to volunteers, while developing the E-bike series with its specificities. Today asks to be set up and put in place an Endurando label to allow new to try the discipline before starting real races!The goal is also to be able to reduce in the long term, the stroke of an organization and therefore the inscription to the races also.



The Dates 2019



- Daverdisse 28/04 (Enduro / E-duro + Endurando) - Remouchamps 04/05 (Enduro / E-duro) + Other Date Endurando) - Banneux 01/06 (Enduro / E-duro) - Bouillon 07/09 (Enduro / Other Date Endurando)



These events affect the youngest from 15 to 65 years old and over!No age limit, you are your own limit ;-)It is also very nice to come and see and follow his friends!


The Staff


You must be aware of this, but behind the Belgian Enduro Cup lies MBE and its organizing clubs, all of which work on a voluntary basis for you.



We find: - Gregory Masson (Coordinator of the Belgian Enduro Cup, Commercial forseveral enduro brands, sports commentator and practicingenduro). - Geoffrey Marechal (Assistant, former competitor of Dual-4X and Downhill Mountain Bike) - Bobaf Compère (Organizer of the Amblève, Winner Master 2 of the BEC 2017)



And the organizers: - Nicolas Casteels (Tester for Vojomag, organizer and winner of the CategoryMaster 1 2018)- Grégory and Nicolas Burtombois (Organizers of many motocross and trails inDaverdisse for more than 10 years) - Jean-François Krier (TOP 10 Belgian Enduro Cup, organizer of the hike ofBanneux) - Pierre François Nissen (manager of the communication company Bang!) - Philippe Cambron (Organizer of Grand Raid Godefroy) And MORE that give a lot of their time for you !!!



Thanks everyone for your support!


Allocation of funds

For the good functioning of the association and that it can continue to propose events to you regularly, we need financing.These funds will be used in particular for the following points: Accounting, Purchase of timing equipment, Logistic support, Sponsorship solicitation ...Also know that 5% of the amount will go to KissKissBankBank and 3% for bank charges.

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