Bientôt le 1er disque de Meskach! The 1st disc of Meskach!!

Take part in the production of Meskach's new album... Help us release the mind blowing disc of this Breton trio!

Project visual Bientôt le 1er disque de Meskach! The 1st disc of Meskach!!
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Bientôt le 1er disque de Meskach! The 1st disc of Meskach!!



Samasa music is proud to present Meskach!



Meskach trio, a journey beyond borders, an exploration of European cultures, between Ireland, Bulgaria, Asturias, Holland, Turkey.... close your eyes and open your ears ! Sometimes acoustic and intimate, sometimes experimental with amps and effects, developing a unique identity! 

Stella Rodrigues (Lazik, Ebony bridge, Za ucha) on fiddle and main vocal, Joachim Mouflin (Txutxukan, Gosseyn) on bouzouki and electric guitar, and Yves-Marie Berthou (Gypsy burek, Kazut de tyr) on percussion.


Having been able to record over more than nine months in their own professional studio, the trio had the opportunity to explore the songs in their arrangements, choice of instruments, recording techniques, slowly finetuning all tracks until completion.

True to their live sound, the repertoire is partly composed of instrumental traditionals, songs and some of their own  compositions.


You'll also find 3 guests on this album, musicians and friends we couldn't resist to have with us!

-Dylan Gully on clarinet, Catherine Drapier and Lisa Sire on vocals.



Track list:

1/Charrada de bercimuelle (Spain/JohnMcSherry)

2/Schoon lief (Holland/Meskach, arrangement Meskach)

3/Suite de jigs (Ireland/Mouflin, arrangement Meskach)

4/The tartar frigate/William the lamb/Hijazcar sirto (Seattle/Mouflin,Rodrigues/Turkey)

5/Ajde kage (Macedonia)

6/Graovsko horo (Bulgaria)

7/Staro horo/Pravo horo (Bulgaria)

8/Siul a run (Ireland)

9/The prince on the table (Rodrigues)


total playing time: 50mn



Available as bonus tracks, only as downloads (see contreparties):

These tracks were recorded with as much love and care as what is on the disc, but didn't make it have to make tough choices sometimes!

Nether the less, you can download them, they are pretty good! More electric maybe...

1/ Rano ranila (Macedonian song)

2/ Bibilikos (Klezmer instrumental)

3/ Sunet horo (Macedonian instrumental)

4/ Racenica (Bulgarian dance)

Allocation of funds

Releasing an album is expensive. To get an idea, let's see some numbers:


The making of:

-recording (6 days):          900e

-mixing:                               900e

-mastering:                          500e



-pressing:                           1200e

-copyright:                          500e

-graphic design:               500e



-promotional material:      600e




Total:                                       5099 euros



As we've already recorded, mixed and mastered the album, this crowdfunding will help us take care of the duplication costs.

If there is more, we'll use the money to get some promotional material for a great tour in 2017! And eventually make a video clip...



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