Bike-Runner around the world

Two BikeRunner around the World First Step --> SPAIN/TENERIFE 15 Days

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Bike-Runner around the world

Presentation of the concept :


Bike-Runner : One Bike, Two people XXXkm in two weeks that's the challenge. Faster than two runners, more independent and closer from the nature than two riders. One Bike for two people (Bike-runner) is our original way to discover the world


Bike-Runner :


Valentin : Hello , I am 21 years old. I am student in Austria and passionate of sport. I would like to discover the world in Bike & Run with teammate Nicolas


Nicolas : I am 21 years old , French man, student in Austria for a Master in Sport Events Management.

Since a long time i am passionat of sport especially Running and Biking and I would like discover a lot of country due to my passion " RUN - BIKE


Budget (euros ) : 


- Train to the Airport  --> 25x2                              =   50

- Flights                       -->200x2                             = 400

- Food                          -->10x15x2                        = 300

- Tent                           --> 100                                =100

- Equipement             --> 100                                =100

- Bike                           --> 50                                   = 50


Route :


Map : 


Allocation of funds

This collect will have for aim to finance our trip ( Which is the most ecological as possible ).


Furthermore, support our project is to encourage a new mean of transport for discovering the world that has never been used in the past.


The budget will be financed in two way by us and by the crowdfunding.

You Will pay the plane tickets and the bike (In fact we will buy the BIke in Tenerife and give it away after the trip to an association there)


--> Plane ticket = 200X2= 400 euros

--> Good second hand mountain bike = 100X1 = 100 euros


We will pay the rest (Tent, Sleeping-bag, food ... )



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