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Tuesday, January 14, 2014
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Let the revolution grow! Help us develop an interactive indoor greenhouse that will automatically provide optimal conditions for your plants

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BUDDYBOT • You'll get your name eternally carved in our website, as well as future updates about the project through our newsletter. And of course, a great big THANK YOU from us for believing in Biobot and for making the growvolution become reality!

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FRIENDBOT • Your name will be listed on our website forever, we'll keep you timely posted about all of our wicked discoveries AND we'll send you our great big THANK YOU by mail on a nicely-done postcard, handwritten and signed by us!

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TECHNIBOT • Do you want to join our adventure by building your own Biobot? Get access to the documentation, schemas and component lists needed to assemble a basic prototype! Tweak it as you like, share your own findings with your biobotter peers in our discussion group AND get our handwritten THANK YOU postcard by mail!

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WARRIORBOT • Can't decide between the t-shirt or the tote bag? It's simple: get them both! And as to compensate you for being such an indecisive person, we'll also ship an A3 poster for you to tweak your walls or spread the word – as well as a mega THANK YOU and a bunch of good vibrations!

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HO-HO-BOT • Feeling generous these days? Looking for an early (or late) holiday gift for someone special or for yourself? We'll ship you the WARRIORBOT pack binded with a gift of your choice: either a t-shirt locally grown in Paris by TEALER (@wearetealer) or one of our limited-edition screen printed A2 posters, signed and numbered – as well as an über THANK YOU and infinite good karma!

Backer 1DeliveryMarch 2014 Availability 29/30

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BIOBOTTER • Are you ready to join us by becoming a fellow biobotter? Take your engagement to the next level and assemble your own prototype! We'll send you a kit with all the construction parts, the electronic components and captors, as well as the controller board and the application. In exchange, you will be able to help us by testing our system with a number of different plants and environments, making us more than glad to hear back from you on how and with what kind of plant you are using it, as well as the results you're getting. As you'll become a part of the experiment, you are going to have a direct contact with us: we will keep you posted on the development of our project and will always be nearby to guide and to be guided by you through this adventure. You'll also be able to peep on Tobbia through a 24h webcam (ssh!) and to meet us live [if you're in the Parisian region]... and that's not all! You'll also get the WARRIORBOT pack, a limited-edition A2 poster and a THANK YOU full of love from the deep bottom of our hearts!

Backers 2DeliveryJuly 2014 Availability 3/5

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BIOMASTER • In the case you have a green thumb but puzzles make your head melt... don't worry! All you'll have to do is to become the commander of our ship by getting this pack – we'll get everything done for you! You'll receive the BIOBOTTER pack with an assembled prototype that will be yours to plug and experiment as you like, without hassle. You'll also receive an out-of-this-world THANK YOU from us and from our future descendants, until the second degree. Guaranteed!

Backers 2DeliveryJuly 2014 Availability 3/5

For €1,000 and more

BIOHERO • Become our first hour hero! To reward you for such a bold and fearless gesture, we'll send you an unique and customized prototype, using first-class material and developed with your tastes in mind. You receive our gifts galore directly from our hands, bundled with one of Tobbia's seedlings (with an authentic birth certificate) and an afternoon of discussion with you in the place of your choice! [transportation costs to be added if you're not in France or bordering countries]. That goes without saying, as we'll THANK YOU in person, you and your family will be able to feel our gratitude by seeing a poetical shine glaring from our eyes.

Backers 0DeliveryDecember 2014 Availability 1/1

For €10,000 and more

BIOGURU • Long life to thee, O great beacon of wisdom! You will become our spiritual guide and the fate of Biobot will be in your hands. Your epic contribution will allow us to make one huge step to making our dream come true as an industrial object, by the end of a further year of our hardest work. Meanwhile, you will get a BIOMASTER pack to start developing a real product with us from day one – and more than just keeping in touch to you, we'll join you ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD to garden with you, install your prototype and give you all the instructions you need to start growing your plant. Thanks to you, Biobot will be closer to a level of development that will allow more people to plant, grow, harvest and repeat, in the same way that we want you to do. We could also offer to tattoo a message of your choice on our foreheads, but unfortunately that would turn our family gatherings into a full-sized nightmare... but you know what? We love you already. We'll introduce you to our mothers and let you freely discuss the subject. ❤

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