Denis Bioteau's album - MODE HALLES

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Project visual Denis Bioteau's album - MODE HALLES
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Denis Bioteau's album - MODE HALLES

A few words to define the project?

Unique, amazing!


The goal of this campaign is to record a CD with a big band of 16 musicians playing in a modern and original way.

Denis Bioteau, composer, arranger and orchestrator.

This project represents 25 years of my own thinking about musical writing, which I wanted to concretize for a big band, in an atypical combination. On top of the traditional big band instruments (brass/saxophones/rhythm section), I added an electrified string consort (2 violins/viola da gamba/double bass viol) and a synthesizer violin.

This eclectic aspect is reflected in the mix of styles used, for example rock vs. serial music, or jazz vs. pop. Mode Halles combines my different experiences as a composer and musician!


1 campaign, 3 stages.

The 1st step: The musicians (rehearsals and recording), the studio, mixing and mastering are paid.
The 2nd step: The graphic creation and the booklet of the CD, the pressing of CDs are paid:  the boxes (crystal CD) are ready to be sent!
The 3rd step: SACEM/SDRM, press secretary, Score edition, KissKissBankBank, everything gets paid!

Over €15,000, the money will be used to organize concerts or, in these difficult times, to increase the remuneration of the musicians.


The "Band à part"

To perform my music, I gathered 16 musicians in a big band!

Here they are:

Trumpets: Christophe DUTRAY; Franck GUICHERD

Trombone: Daniele ISRAEL

Alto saxophones/Flutes/Piccolo: François CHAMBERT; Philippe BROHET

Tenor saxophone: Didier FORGET

Baritone saxophone: Jean-François DEVEZE

Viola da gamba/Double bass viol: Thomas DE PIERREFEU; Mystery-musician...

Violins: Maria MOSCONI; Mystery-musician...

Synthesizer violin: Jean-Christophe ROUET

Synthesizer: Christophe VIOLLAND

Electric guitar: Yannick DEBORNE

Electric bass: Gilles BIOTEAU

Drums: Laurent LOCURATOLO


Thanks to you, this CD will be released, and this will allow me to propose this piece to different concert halls and festivals, in order to give you the opportunity to discover Mode Halles during a live concert!

If you want more details, I highly recommend you to watch the video!

Every Monday, new videos will be posted on YouTube, presenting the way Mode Halles has been structured.

Mode Halles in few words... to see !

Allocation of funds


The money is used to finance all the stages of creation of the album:

The 16 musicians (rehearsals/recording): €6,000
The studio (sound recording/mixing): €3,000
Mastering/SACEM-SDRM: €1,000
Pressing CDs (1,000 copies): €2,500
Media officer and advertising: €2,000
Score edition: €500
KissKissBankBank commission: 8% of the sum collected

Estimated delivery: June 2021, depending on the health situation

Thanks to you all. I hope to see you soon!

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