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Friday, March 31, 2017
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After a long pause, the convention tweaking band Blazin' Quartet has a new album, help us publish it!


Blazin' Quartet - La mer, la pierre, la terre, l'oiseau

I'm a drummer and composer and besides playing with a few other groups and co-leading others, I lead Blazin' Quartet. We have been working on our third album, and in order to release it I'm asking for your help. Hear and see more about it and about me and maybe give us a push by pledging an amount in exchange for some great rewards. 


If you haven't followed the band's story here it is in a summary: 


This group started in 2008 in Amsterdam and it was instant chemistry. We were young, we found a common language and we won a few competitions that enabled us to record our first album. In 2010 we recorded our second album, Jalkan Bazz, collaborating with alternative funk-poet Rambo Amadeus. After playing at the Belgrade Jazz Festival in 2012, Downbeat wrote about BQ “The clever postmodern antics of the young Blazin’ Quartet were noteworthy; featuring Serbian limber drummer Srdjan Ivanovic, they twist and tweak conventions, as might be expected from a band whose new album is called Jalkan Bazz”





For my personal story, I'll just say that I presently live in Paris (obviously France) after previously having spent a long time in Amsterdam (again, obviously, Holland), where I studied music and performed and composed with bands, theatre productions and films. I moved to Amsterdam from Athens (yes, in Greece), where I grew up and got a great musical education. In my High School, classes ranged from Byzantine Singing to Classical Harmony. I arrived to Athens from Sarajevo, escaping the war in Bosnia in 1992. Despite having left at the age of 8, I feel strongly rooted in that region, which you probably can hear in my music.



In this latest line-up of BQ I have brought together some of my all time favorite musicians. The quartet now consists of of the ultra-melodic trumpet player Andreas Polyzogopoulos and the saxophonist Christophe Panzani, one of my favorite musicians who's use of guitar pedals gives the extra electronic/soundscape dimension that always was an element of this band. On the double bass we have the original bass player Mihail Ivanov with whom I have a playing record of almost 15 years.




Inspired by my move to Paris I have given the new album a (long) french name : La mer, la pierre, la terre, l'oiseau. For the non french speaking that would mean The sea, the stone, the earth, a bird.   


Despite the technical difficulty that trumpet player Andreas lives between Paris and Athens, bassist Mihail between Rome and Sofia and tenor saxophonist Christophe between Paris and Barcelona we have been meeting and playing (rarely rehearsing) and have recorded this new album with songs that I have written in the past years, modeling them and trying them out in different instrument settings and arrangements, until they reached their present shape.


We are releasing the album on the newly founded Coolabel, the label of a collective of european musicians called Le Coolectif. It will be distributed to shops through Absilone Distribution.



To accommodate the different musical needs I've invited some guests. I was inspired by guitarist Federico Casagrande's playing and invited him to record on 4 of the 10 tracks. On 3 tracks I invited the inventive bassist Marc Buronfosse to play the Fender VI instrument, giving a special electric color to those tunes. Since I wanted to play a song (as in sung by a singer), I invited the young Macedonian Jovana Krstevska to sing it. Finally, for the opening track in which I wanted electric bass I invited Timothée Robert, a wonderful bass player that I play in one of my other groups, The 3 Moons.




Further, while staying with friends in New York in 2016 I overdubbed Kamila Marcinkowska-Prasad on renaissance bassoon (you didn't expect this one, right?) and Noemy Gagnon-Lafrenais on renaissance violin on the tune Het Eind, that originally I wrote for a film.


The album was recorded by Antoine Karacostas in the studio Aeronef in Paris, mixed by Janek Busse at the Sugar Candy Mountain Studio in Poland and mastered by Vangelis Katsoulis in Athens, Greece. 


The album will be released on the date of the album release concert, May 18th in the club Sunset, in Paris. Sending out of the pre-sale CDs and other rewards will start at the end of this campaign, just before of our pre-sale album tour in Serbia beginning of April. 


Looking forward to get in contact, through the music or personally.


Thank you!




Allocation of funds


I think this campaign is a great opportunity for us to reach out to you, the audience, and for you not only to get to hear the music but participate in it's coming to light and getting in personal contact with me and the whole group. An opportunity to share what inspired it, how it was made and to take part in it's entrance to the world.


The other important reason is to support directly the producing musicians and be awarded with the product. We have, along with a deep thank you, provided different interesting counter-parts. The CD/Download, more than a month before the official release-date, a very cool thermal mug (I own one, it's great!), a red t-shirt with the BQ logo (I guess you could ask for a different color if red is not your thing), my photos in print (I have fun as an analog film photographer, the cover of the album for example is a photo of mine) or even a lesson or a concert. You can always later ask for something different or make a combination that suits you in the approximate amount you pledged)




Up to now I have paid for recording (3 recording days, amounting to 1,140€) mixing (a week of mixing amounting to 1750€) and mastering (550€). I have also paid musicians fees and restaurants, flight tickets and taxis when it was necessary. 


The last but very important stage is it's printing and it's press and radio promotion for which the amount from this campaign is intended. If we surpass the goal we'll try to get a limited LP pressing (which has been my lifelong dream, releasing a vinyl!). 


Here is a break-down of remaining expenses: Print: 1000 CDs for approximately 1100€, €800 for S.D.R.M (mechanical rights)

Press/Radio: €1500 for publicist, approximately €200 for postage.

To this total of 3600€ we have to add the 5% of KissKissBankBank and 3% bank transaction fees which give us a total of 3888€. 


I, Srdjan Ivanovic will be receiving this amount and will be paying it out to the publicist and CD factory. 



I did not take in account the cost of the rewards but luckily I am surrounded by wonderful people, so for example the mugs and t-shirts are printed at cost prices by the TOP TIM print company from Valjevo, Serbia and the other rewards are personally made by me and include my own photos, developed by me in a dark-room from 35mm film to professional photo paper. Nevertheless, please add an approximation of postal costs if you are not in France or The Netherlands or the ex-Yugoslav countries as postage will be an issue, especially overseas.


Mille grazie, thank you, merci, hvala!

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For €10 and more

A thank you on the BQ website and a high-quality download of the new album ahead of it's release!

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Delivery March 2017

For €20 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph + a high-quality download.

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Delivery March 2017

For €30 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download AND a set of scores to the entire album.

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For €30 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph + a high-quality download AND a very cool "magic" BQ mug (we will spoil the magic if we describe it, be assured, it's cool).

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Delivery March 2017
Availability 26/30

For €35 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download AND a guest-list invitation to the album release concert in Paris, May 18th. (Optionally another concert can be chosen)

Backer 1
Delivery April 2017
Availability 9/10

For €35 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download, the super cool magic BQ mug AND a binded book of scores to the entire album.

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For €40 and more

A thank you on the BQ website,the new album on CD with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download AND the super cool BQ t-shirt!

Backers 2
Delivery March 2017

For €45 and more

A thank you on the BQ website, the new album and JALKAN BAZZ, the bands previous album, both with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download AND the magic BQ mug.

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Availability 35/35

For €50 and more

A thank you on the BQ website, the new album with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download, the super cool BQ t-shirt AND a the "magic" BQ mug.

Backers 8
Delivery April 2017

For €75 and more

A thank you on the BQ website and the credits, the entire BQ discography (Finding A Way (Challenge 2009), Jalkan Bazz (Challenge 2012) and the new album, all with a personalised autograph, a high-quality download, the magic BQ mug and the t-shirt.

Backer 1
Delivery April 2017
Availability 3/4

For €100 and more

All of the above AND a film photograph of mine in professional print, for example the album cover photo or your own portrait (and we'll meet for a photoshoot!)

Backers 6
Delivery March 2017
Availability 29/35

For €200 and more

The 3 album BQ discography, 5 extra new BQ albums in CD and download (for your friends), 2 BQ mugs, 2 BQ t-shirts and 2 photographs in professional print (the album cover photo, your own portrait (by me) or another you can chose from my collection). Alternatively a series of 5 lessons with me.

Backers 2
Delivery March 2017
Availability 3/5

For €500 and more

10 private lessons with me (besides drums we can cover band related and compositional aspects) AND all the items listed before, CD, mug, t-shirt and photograph! Also an invitation for 2 for the concert in Sunset, Paris.

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Delivery April 2017
Availability 5/5

For €1,200 and more

A private concert by BQ or one of my projects. You are an executive producer of the album, your name/logo/company goes into the credits (LP and digital) AND a combination of items (the BQ discography, mug, t-shirt)

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Delivery March 2017
Availability 3/3

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