New BleedSkin's album - Blood Reign

Bleedskin’s second opus is composed! Support us by financing us on KissKissBankBank to help us substantiate that project!

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New BleedSkin's album - Blood Reign

After the success of our first demo, The Rotten One - 2018, the band’s energetic death metal is back and on CD !

After two years and some 30 shows, we have some new compositions. Old school death metal lovers will love it. New loud and brutal riffs and some technical ones.

No less than 11 songs and 40 minutes of record.

The line-up changed a bit in 2018 and 2019. We have a new drummer, a new lead guitarist and a new singer.

Vocals: Anouk Debecq

Drums: Julien Vanhees

Lead guitar: Benjamin Lefèvre

Rythmic guitar : Céline Mazay

Bass guitar: Rémy Adam


Our project is divided in two parts:

  • CD Recording :

                    - Drums were recorded at Noise Factory (Erpent, Be)

                    - The other instruments and the voice at the Sound Wave Studio (La Hulpe, Be) 

                    - Mix and mastering at Sound Wave Studio

This part of the project has been done in February and March 2020.

  • Shooting a clip

                    - The first one of the band

                    - Shot by a professional company

This part of the project will be done in August 2020.


The official release of the album is scheduled for October 2nd, 2020!

Allocation of funds

 Our project get a cost. Here is the financial plan:

• Artwork and layout: € 300

• CD pressing: 800 €

• Shooting of the clip: 1500 €

• Recording: 2000 €

• Mixing and mastering: 500 €

• Promotion and distribution: € 200

• Crowdfunding fees: € 160

Total budget : 5460€

We take charge of 3460 on personal funds.

2000 € are left to be funded via crowdfunding!

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