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Bliss is an interactive 3D application designed to meet the need for escapism, relaxation and communication of people in social isolation and/or under stress.


In order to make the use and accessibility of Bliss easier, we have chosen to move towards mobile devices, made possible by the latest technological innovations.


Our first aim is to use Virtual Reality headsets, in order to maximize the effect of escapism. A second phase would see the porting of the app to tablets with some additional features.





Mélanie Péron, the Bliss project leader, founded l’Effet Papillon in 2011.

"This idea is inspired by my personal experience and assisting of my companion during his hospitalization in a sterile room for several weeks for his leukemia treatment –a bone marrow transplant. The hospitalized person in a sterile environment lives in an extreme solitary confinement during long weeks, she/he has no right to put a foot down and only one member of the family has the permission to go behind the canopy after dressing up with two layers of clothing, a hygiene cap and a mask. Immersed in this universe during long weeks, I quickly noticed the communication with friends and family was difficult. The main subjects of our discussions were oriented around side effects, appetite, depression … I had the idea of Bliss, a soft and dreamlike universe which would allow patients and their families to find themselves into the same environment, to escape and communicate."



In 2010, we met engineering students of ESIEA and graphics students of ESCIN. Together, we were able to create the first Bliss prototype on PC controlled by Kinect. This collaboration with six students from both schools allowed us to exhibit Bliss during the Laval Virtual 2011 exhibition.





The positive feedback from professionals and private people gave us the idea to keep on developing and assessing Bliss with patients affected by cancer. In June 2011, the meeting with Doctor Stéphane Bouchard from Gatineau in Quebec, a cyber psychologist who uses virtual reality to cure patients, encouraged us to continue on the path we set out on. 






In 2012, l’Effet Papillon contacted Enozone to resume Bliss' development, integrating an instant chat system, an internal audio communication system and improving some technical features from the existing application.



Two years later, in April 2014, L’Effet Papillon started its first action-research, a wellness pilot study on patients affected by cancer and treated with chemotherapy in Le Mans, France, in collaboration with oncologists from Victor Hugo Clinic, health economists –Stratégique Santé- clinical research associates,  supportive care professionals –sophrology, socio-aesthetics and Bliss. The patients’ feedback were positive and they pointed out the idea of offering Bliss, not only to people of all ages in situations of isolation or long-term hospitalization, but also in waiting areas which are prone to cause stress and anxiety.



To access the study click here





Bliss was created and designed for socially isolated people, to communicate and escape from their rooms for a moment. First created for personal computers, Bliss' development is thus continued on a mobile Headset/Smartphone, to offer total immersion through virtual reality technology. Development is also planned for tablets, which would allow users and their relatives to communicate in the Bliss, dreamlike, world.










To take the example of cancer, every day, in France, about 1 000 new people are diagnosed (including 400 active) in the UK, 4 600 in the US and 34 000 worldwide. Beyond the stress and physical pain, cancer and long term diseases cause long periods of social isolation that impact patients and their families.




We are all directly or indirectly affected by disease or stress; in those moments, communication and relaxation can be complicated. We imagined Bliss to meet the need to escape, relax and communicate of people living in difficult situations. 




More and more scientific studies bear witness to the benefits of virtual reality to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and addictions of its users.   Results of those studies allow us to validate some of the benefits of Virtual Reality, like:  

* Effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral therapy is about 60 to 80%




* Which is about the same results obtained with Virtual Reality Therapy.

* 32% reduction of anxiety disorders' lifetime prevalence




* The emotions (Amygdala) allow us to make patients react and deceive the brain - average pain reduction during treatments of 30% (study with VR tool « Snow World » – severe burn victims)





fMRI brain scans showing  pain-related brain activity with and without virtual reality. Study of University of Washington Seattle and U.W. Harborview Burn Center during SnowWorld in healthy volunteers getting thermal pain stimulations.



Bliss could provide assistance for several use-cases, like for example:





* Fun tool for relaxing

* Waiting time management tool –waiting room, medical examinations, consultations, ambulatory chemotherapy, dialysis (6.5 million dialyses per year) - which generates anxiety for the patients and their accompanying relatives

* Entertainment




* Additional social link tool

* Communication tool with the inner family circle and relatives

* Coming back management tool after treatment




After its original design and development on PC and its assessment in the scope of an action-research during six months on patients affected by cancer, we would like to orient Bliss to other devices.


Our study showed the need for a more ergonomic solution for patients and a more affordable and manageable solution for institutions.


The first supported device is the Samsung GearVR Virtual Reality Headset (€99) in which you insert a Smartphone Samsung Galaxy S6 or S7 (550 € to 800 €). This solution offers a high-quality and ergonomic Virtual Reality experience at an affordable price.




The purpose of this version is to immerse the user into dreamlike environments through the headset, during short sessions from 10 to 15 minutes. We would like to offer between 3 and 4 different environments in order to offer the choice between several possible sources for escaping.




If possible, we also would like to target tablets as a second supported device type. This version could offer more interaction, requiring less power than a virtual reality use, and could offer a multi-user solution as well as more freedom in the environment. We would also like to include small games to play on your own or with others.




Bliss users may be people suffering from physical pain or stress. More specifically, they may be hospitalized people, before or after their treatments and examinations, or people suffering from stress who feel the need for relaxation.


Just imagine you could get immersed into a dreamlike world while you are sitting in the waiting room before meeting your doctor or that you could even make it possible for your child to escape from these four white walls for a while.




Aquarelle drawn by par ©Ilona Stuijt - Drawn with love 





Development team: They all come from a training course specialized in Realtime 3D and virtual reality, the Enozone team joined l’Effet Papillon in 2012, resuming the project where the students left off, to make it operational for use in a action-research program. 




@Bouletcorp - Bouletmaton


Enozone is a company specialized in real-time 3D computer graphics. Relying on the latest technologies, the company offers solutions that are tailored to fit companies' needs. They are specialized in virtual reality, augmented reality, iOS or Android applications, video games, 360° videos and 3D PDF.


Enozone joined L'effet papillon in 2012 for the design, development and computer graphics of the Bliss project. Backed by its seven years of experience and Research & Development, Enozone supports Bliss.


The Laval Virtual Ecosystem: For nearly 20 years, Laval has focused on the development of Virtual and Augmented Reality technologies, which makes it a particularly favorable ecosystem for Bliss development.


Mélanie Péron – L’Effet Papillon [Lit. The Butterfly Effect]


Mélanie Péron: Her idea was born in 2009. During that year, Mélanie met Bénabar, the French singer, who, further to an e-mail he received from her on the singer’s website, went to visit her companion at the hospital. This meaningful encounter was the starting point of l’Effet Papillon’s project: small actions can be the seeds of great achievements…


Mélanie is the creator and the manager of l’Effet Papillon. After a professional experience in cultural communities during 7 years as a librarian and archivist –bilingual French-Breton- as part of a cultural association, then during one year as a development officer in charge of the management of a consulting holding company, she decided to retrain to carry out this project and she created l’Effet Papillon on September 21st 2011.




In 2011, l’Effet Papillon was among the eight prize-winners of the SFR Jeunes Talents Entrepreneuriat Social competition -Coup de Cœur award of the Office Franco-Québécois pour la Jeunesse. In 2012 Mélanie took part in the TEDx conference in Montpellier: Digital lives, reinventing humans.


In 2014, l’Effet Papillon was among the prize-winners at Ashoka Impact Santé France. In 2015, l’Effet Papillon won a prize at HISTalk and The Walking Gallery of Healthcare and was invited at the HIMSS Congress (Health Information and Management System) in Chicago in April 2015. 45,000 people attended the 2015 HIMSS Congress. In September 2015, Mélanie Péron was awarded the “Femmes Digital Ouest” Coup de Cœur Prize with Bliss.



Our good fairies


Video: Ãnanda Safo, a film and video maker, Julien Poadey and Cyrielle Boucher assistants. Some Girls was the first crowdfunding project supported by Mélanie Péron who enjoyed the project and its music. A few months later, the meeting happened quite naturally between Ananda and Mélanie who have been friends since then. Thanks to crowdfunding! When they tackled the issue of the video for the crowdfunding campaign, Mélanie asked Ananda if she would accept and so she did, naturally. Ananda was assisted by Julien and Cyrielle for the video making.


GraphicsJérémy Pluvinage. Jérémy joined Bliss project from its starting point in 2010 in the scope of the student project carried out within two engineering schools in Laval: ESIEA and ESCIN. This project was presented at Laval Virtual in 2011. Jérémy is a 2D/3D real time computer graphics designer and web designer. He created the new Bliss logo and he was among the first people fully supporting l’Effet Papillon and Bliss!


Translation : Géraldine Bellanger-Robert (Bilinguez-Vous). Because it is worth meeting some people, Géraldine is one of them! With her communicative optimism and vitality, Géraldine immediately offered her help to translate the crowdfunding campaign script and the video subtitles.

Music: When supporting Some Girls, the first short film by Ãnanda Safo, we discovered the music composed by Sylvain Texier “The Last Morning Soundtrack”. We contacted Sylvain and he composed the soundtrack for Bliss universe and a few months later, he performed The Last Morning Soundtrack for “les Echappées Contées et Chantées” by l’Effet Papillon, a show performed at the hospital for patients affected by cancer. 








Christian Cailliot

UNICANCER Director of Research


“Working as the Research Manager at Unicancer, I think it is important for all of us to take into account not only curative treatments for the pathology itself, and more specifically for cancer, as we used to do, but also the patient as an individual who is a carrier of this pathology. Therefore it is essential for us not to treat a cancer but rather a patient as a whole taking into account the full range of his/her concerns. Initiatives such as l’Effet Papillon have contributed to this necessary change in therapists’ minds as well as in the minds of people who are involved in the fight against cancer”.




Jean-Michel RICARD

Co-founder of SIEL BLEU Organization

Groupe Associatif Siel Bleu:


"Siel Bleu supports the innovative approach and the values put forward by l'Effet Papillon. This organization makes it possible to bring life to vulnerable people’s environment! L'Effet Papillon’s professional approach also allows to create confidence in the use of alternative drug free therapies as an essential accompaniment tool in the life courses of patients with cancer".




Dr Hugues Bourgeois, cancérologue à la Clinique Victor Hugo (Le Mans, 72)


As an oncologist, I am a daily witness to the damages caused by cancer, and I am often short of solutions for these patients.

L’Effet Papillon helped me provide a significant support to the patients to get through hard times, and the results published after the first study will help us validate the importance of highly comprehensive care. And beyond support care being already proposed, we also have to be creative and Bliss is a case in point.”




Allocation of funds




Since 2011, L’Effet Papillon and Enozone have been working together to further this project. We develop and test the application with patients. We are convinced of the positive impact on patients and their families. We are all affected by disease and by its impact on families and friends.


We need you to further develop the application and offer a first version of Bliss as quickly as possible.


In order for the disease not to be focused on any longer, even if only for an instant, to avoid stress related to care and to bring life and sweetness to the medical world.






The aim of this crowdfunding campaign?


This crowdfunding campaign will help develop our Bliss application, first on smartphones –immersive solutions with virtual reality headsets- and then on tablets.


The development of an app such as Bliss unfortunately requires quite some time and financial resources to succeed. We think that crowdfunding is the best way for innovative projects to be undertaken and to bring forward new therapeutic solutions.




Disease and isolation affects everyone. You may one day be the ones using this app. Support us and share this page with your friends. Talk about our commitment aimed at making a difference.


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