Blood Brothers

The first western made in Vercors !

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Blood Brothers

<p>Synopsis&nbsp;</p> <p>Since their father death, two brothers are opposed. One is an outlaw, the second Marshall.&nbsp;Will they ever be reunited, will they be able to erase their mistakes?</p> <p>Genesis</p> <p>The idea of this western came to us between actors during a discussion on filming and the topics currently being discussed. For us, one of the goals of a work, be it a novel, a film, a song ... is to allow people to escape from everyday life.<br /> &nbsp;</p> <p>That&#39;s why we decided to return to one of the bases of our childhood, that mean westerns.</p> <p>Indeed, who has not ever been touched by these wide open spaces, this wild environment, galloping horses, thundering colts, duels under the sun, the eyes of Clint Eastwood or Lee Van Cleef?</p> <p>Filming will take place from 22 to 26 September, in the Vercors, around Font d&#39;Urle, and also in Lyon for interiors.</p> <p>The Crew</p> <p><strong>Max Marsal</strong></p> <p>&nbsp;Actor, he&#39;s the first person behind the project. He&nbsp;wrote the script,set up the production and he&#39;ll play the Marshall.</p> <p><strong>Paul Pereira</strong></p> <p>Actor, he is the second person behind the project. Like Max, he took part in the script, set up the production and he will play the Outlaw.</p> <p>For both, it&#39;s their first experience as directors, but they both have a great&nbsp;experience of movie shootings and a real passion for cinema, and they&#39;ve been able to put together a great team!&nbsp;</p> <p>Directors: Max Marsal / Paul Pereira</p> <p>Actors : Paul Pereira / Max Marsal / Yas Mina / Guillemette Bdc / Gilbert Bouchard / &nbsp;Horses, West et Tatch</p> <p>Head operator: Charles Salignat</p> <p>Director&#39;s assistants : Laurent Danel / Didier Royet</p> <p>Sound&nbsp;/ lights&nbsp;: Tom Dubreuil / Rapha&euml;l Monnard</p> <p>Make-Up / Hairstyle&nbsp;/ FX : Karolyne Baumann</p> <p>Costume design&nbsp;: Mich&egrave;le Fereyre / Blandine Magnin</p> <p>Horses : Adrien Eymard, Ranch du Vercors.</p> <p>Stage managing : Rapha&euml;l Monnard / Jacques Marsal</p> <p>Set photograph : Laurent Danel</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><br /> &nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p>On the&nbsp;800&euro;,</p> <p>300 will be for shooting&nbsp;in&nbsp;Vercors, the&nbsp;ranch and the horses.</p> <p>200 for travels and crew&#39;s accommodation.</p> <p>200 for costumes, make-up&nbsp;and set.</p> <p>100 for crew feeding.</p> <p>The whole team is&nbsp;volunteer, but will be treated well thanks to you!</p> <p>Once Blood Brothers is finished, we will try to present it at festivals, in whole France, in our region and in London.</p> <p>If we exceed the budget, we could increase the share dedicated to costumes and accessories, pay more people and more value, increase the quality of the final post-production, and drink more beers!</p> <p>I would collect the entire collection, and I reverse the sums advanced to the people concerned!</p>



  • 4 contributions
Le film ( version numérique ) et l'affiche du film dédicacée par l'équipe !

Estimated delivery: November 2018


  • 3 contributions
The DVD of the short, 3 photos in "western" version and poster in A3, and the previous rewards!

Estimated delivery: October 2018


  • 2 contributions
The script and storyboard pages, plus the previous rewards!

Estimated delivery: November 2018


  • 2 contributions
You will be credited to generics as a generous donor, plus previous rewards!

Estimated delivery: November 2018


You will be added to the credits as a producer, you are sent an object of filming (the marshal'star, the outlaw'scarf ...), plus the previous rewards!

Estimated delivery: November 2018


  • 2 contributions
We invite you on the set of the saloon sequence in Lyon, and if you wish, you can play a saloon client! And previous rewards!

Estimated delivery: November 2018

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