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BLUE MODE up to meet his audience with his first album !



BLUE MODE, Blue mode representing perfectly the Soul Jazz and Hammond Funk scene, gets his name directly from one of Reuben Wilson's album.  Reuben Wilson  one of the most prolific organist in the late 60's early 70's contributed to the spreading and recognition of this music !


BLUE MODE, is a summary of all this musical legacy. Groove, Groove and even more Groove !


SPACE RACE is their first album recorded fully analog live in their own studio in Madrid like back in the days.


The result ? A pure sound with no technical effects that leave plenty of space to the musicians  to cook spontaneously  their own way.




BLUE MODE, is...

Chip Wickham on flute and tenor sax !

Composer and arranger Chip is the undisputed leader of the band and appears on a multitude of projects as a side man or again as an arranger : The New Mastersounds, Deep Street Soul, Eddie Roberts and the Fire Eaters, The Sweet Vandals... He also got involved in the recording of the soundtrack of Snatch (Guy Ritchie's movie with Brad Pitt).


Javier 'Skunk' Gomez on drums !

Being the drummer of the now disappeared spanish soul funk band Sweet Vandals, Javier 'Skunk' Gomez has developed a taste for groovy and syncopated beats in a Bernard Purdie or Jabo Stark's style. He is a master at playing deep long grooves.


Gabri Casanova on Hammond B3 organ, Clavinet & Wurlitzer Piano !

Gabri who composed most of the tracks is now an accomplished organist. From Jimmy Smith to Lonnie Smith without forgetting Jimmy Mc Griff, his influences  are without  doubt obvious as mush as his playing, doing it fluid in order to serve a faultless groove.


Telmo Fernandez à la guitare !

Telmo is a worthy successor to Boogaloo Joe Jones or even Melvin Sparks, these guitarists who brought a deep funky groove to the jazz thing !




▪ On special guest David Romano on congas (tracks 2,6) !


Track Listing :

▪ Side A

1. Push All 4’22 (Gabriel Casanova)

2. Rice, Beans & Bugaloo 5’38 (Chip Wickham)

3. Dr. Shrimp 4’36 (Gabriel Casanova)

4. Space Race 4’12 (Chip Wickham)

5. Smells Like Teen Spirit 4’02 (Nirvana)


▪ Side B

1. Tortilla Chip 3’53 (Chip Wickham)

2. When The Rope Failed 3’39 (Gabriel Casanova)

3. Black Mode Blues 5’41 (Gabriel Casanova)

4. Colt’s Run 3’52 (Gabriel Casanova)

5. Repeat Again 5’53 (Gabriel Casanova)

6. Fast Discharge 3’38 (Gabriel Casanova)


Allocation of funds

The money will be used to finance the vinyl pressing and the additional costs.




The master is ready to go !


Fees detail :


1. Making and pressing the vinyl record :

▪ Speed : 33 RPM

▪ Acetate Master Disc  + Electroforming

▪ Test Pressing : 5 copies

▪ Pressing : 500 copies, black (140 gr)

▪ A 3 mm thick cover (350g), four-color printing

▪ Labels : four-color printing tag

▪ Inner white sleeve

▪ Shrink wrapping


2. Cover artwork


3. Mechanical reproduction rights (SACEM)


4. Fees due to the crowdfunding platform KissKissBankBank





If we get more money than expected, it will be used to :

• Pressing a blue vinyl ;

• Organize a promotional campaign through ads on the social networks for the album release ;

• Pressing a forthcoming 45 in a special limited edition ;


[COPYRIGHT et THANX] Chip and all the musicians for, Stéfan Garcia for the translation in english, Yannick Mazellier for the pictures, Angel Vallejo et Jaime Massieu for the video.

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