Booty Therapy US Tour

Support Maimouna Coulibaly and her students, the "booty killeuses" by sending them to the U.S. for a Booty Therapy Tour !

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Booty Therapy US Tour

After several passages tv hit shows and happenings in the streets of Paris , Maimouna Coulibaly wishes to bring the message of his concept, Booty Therapy beyond French borders.   The tour called Booty Therapy U.S. tour will take place from 1 August 2014 to 15 October 2014 .   Maimouna Coulibaly and the Hawa Ambianceuses will mentor a group of booty killeuses that will occur in the Bay area (San Francisco , Oakland, Berkley ) throughout the summer.   The Booty Therapy, which allows women to regain confidence in her, release tensions of everyday life is a real factor in personal development.   Dances that focus on the buttocks and pelvis , often suffer from some a priori est of this tour and the show will be presented at the end of the tour is to promote Booty Therapy and all that it represents , namely: the acceptance of women in the assertion of their body such that he is not necessarily going into imposed by society , particularly in the U.S. where the appearance standards is paramount, which is more on the West Coast.   The fact that the French are offering this show and these courses also give legitimacy to the show , because the current lheure twerk dagiter is now the United States with regular controversies about certain artists repeating this dance on stage (Miley Cyrus to name any ) . While being criticized mainly twerk its vulgarity , the Booty Therapy offers a completely different approach with a rather Afro-Caribbean music. And Lapport of booty killeuses is this freshness and spontaneity that makes Booty Therapy design of dance as a whole that allows women to saffirmer .   The tour will proceed as follows :   - Courses and training Booty Therapy by Maimouna and Hawa in August - Courses and training by Hawa in September - Happenings and performance Booty Therapy by Maimouna , Hawa and Booty killeuses late September and early October.

Allocation of funds

Flights: € 7,300  Accommodation: € 1,450  Meals: € 2,200  Dance studio and theaters rentals: 2000 €  Cameraman: 350 €  Communication / Promotion: 700 €    A total  of € 14,400

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Estimated delivery: September 2014

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