Help us to launch of our first winter collection of chic and social boots designed in Paris and handcrafted in Mexico !


The project

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Why fund it?



Tapatia is a footwear brand launched by a Mexican Maria and a French Ali. Tapatia's commitment is to combine Mexican know-how with French fashion. Tapatia's articles are designed in Paris by Maria and are handcrafted in Mexico. Tapatia refers to an inhabitant of the city of Gualadajara in Mexico. Basically, Tapatia comes from the word... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ Why manufacturing in Mexico ?

Because it is simply the concept of the brand that was born from the encounter between a French and a Mexican in Mexico! Our goal is to combine the Mexican crafts and know-how with French fashion.

+ Why selling at cost ?

For this campaign, we wanted our boots to be affordable for everyone. The goal of this campaign is to help us launch our first production of boots by reaching the minimum quantity order requested by our manufacturer.
By helping us reaching that, you are helping us a lot !

We refused to put a higher price to make a profit because it is not the idea that we have of crowdfunding :)

+ When will I receive my boots ?

We have already planned the purchase of the raw materials in order to manufacture and deliver the boots as quickly as possible.
For pre orders placed until September 30, we plan to deliver the first boots in November. For pre-orders made in October, we will deliver you in December (before Christmas, rest assured!)

+ Where can I try the boots ?

Throughout the campaign you can try on the boots at La Maison de Crowdfunding KissKissBankBank in Paris (34 rue de Paradis, 75010).
If you are unsure about your size, please call us on +33 7 83 77 72 64.
We will be happy to advise you!

+ I received my boots but the size is not correct, what can I do?

No problem! If you live in France, we will send you a prepaid voucher and you decide if you want an exchange or refund :)

Outside of France, you will have to send us the boots to your own expense.

+ When will I choose size and color?

We will contact you ASAP by email to know your size and the color you want !

+ Why doing this crowdfunding campaign ?

Because our manufacturer requests a minimum quantity of order and to this day we do not have enough cash to launch a large production.
Also, this allows us to test our boots with the public and thus validate our approach.
Finally, it will help us to be more credible toward the banks in order to get a loan to constitute our first stock.

+ How good is mexican production ?

We have spent a lot of time with our manufacturer and we can assure you that the Mexican manufacturing quality is as good as European one.

We guarantee that the workers work in very good conditions and use state-of-the-art machines and modern manufacturing techniques in order to offer high quality boots.

+ How to maintain my boots?

We strongly advise you to put skates on the soles (ask your shoemaker) as well as to apply a waterproofing spray.
Afterwards, we recommend using nourishing leather cream and wax to restore shine to the leather.

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Felicidades por su proyecto. Les deseo mucha energía, creatividad y tenacidad!
Felicidades por su proyecto. Les deseo mucha energía, creatividad y tenacidad!