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Bouba - Baby Stoemp


Bouba is the innovative project of two moms, friends since nursery school, who decided together to use their experience to tackle a crucial point in the growth of our babies: food education. In order to facilitate the day-to-day life of overwhelmed parents and to share our vision of motherhood, we drew on our moms and our Hip-Hop culture to imagine Bouba Baby Food.

As customers of baby products, we realized that it is difficult to get quality processed baby food that we fully trust. Our desire is to reinvest all the levels of the production line to guarantee a total traceability of quality products as well as a scale of manufacturing on a human scale. Our goal is to minimize intermediaries and offer our products in a local network of organic distributors in Brussels to guarantee fair prices.

Since the diversification up to 36 months, Bouba Baby Food offers recipes cooked each week from local, organic, vegetarian and seasonal products. Steamed with respect for the product, our purees are simple, balanced and tasty. It is available through a variety of recipes and textures that change with the seasons and from fruits and vegetables grown in a sustainable way in the Brussels region.

Our commitment:

- Educate our children to the good taste of fruits & vegetables, cereals & legumes with just the right amount of vegetal oil; no added sugar or salt and no preservatives,

- Promote the local and circular economy through a network of small producers and retailers involved in an eco-responsible economy. Thus we favor a local distribution to reduce the ecological impact of our products,

- Ensure freshness, taste and vitamins through a system of pasteurization and fresh conservation, guaranteed by all necessary hygiene tests.

That's how we have developed balanced recipes based on our know-how, tested and approved by all our children!



Allocation of funds

The 6000 € of our campaign aims to finance the initial investments:

  • Logo design and communication 1000 €
  • Equipment 1000 €
  • Product Design 1000 €
  • Kitchen Tests 500 €
  • Silkscreened containers 500 €
  • Certisys Certification 500 €
  • Hygiene Tests 1000 €
  • Launch Event 500 €

If we exceed our goal we will have the possibility to invest in the first three months of our activity and to pay salary, because it is important for us to be able to pay properly all the people involved:

  • Products 1500 €
  • Fees & Cook's salary 3000 €
  • Administrative costs 500 €

May / June 2019: Crowdfunding, Prospection, Communication

July / August 2019: Kitchen / Hygiene test, Production / Distribution

September 2019: Bouba Launch Party @Kami!


Dot-to-Dot is an online magazine promoting lifestyles in harmony with the environment through different aspects such as agriculture, food, urban space sharing and consumption patterns in a setting of city life.

By giving the opportunity to the various actors to present their initiatives to readers, their goal is not only to provide a source of information, but above all to offer a space for exchanges.

For our campaign we invite you to discover their world by offering you their limited editions of seasonal calendar as well as the project Comment ça pousse realized in collaboration with Cécile Barraud de Lagerie.

A project to make known, ideas to share? Do not hesitate to contact them by e-mail:


Cécile Barraud de Lagerie

After a childhood at the seaside and studying in Paris, Cécile Barraud de Lagerie fled to Brussels where she has been living and working for ten years. She loves colors, fabrics, stories and beautiful collaborations and is also very interested in plants and especially in the kitchen garden - plate. Textile designer, she also develops a work of painting and illustration in which the color is definitely central.

Close to our approach, she created an illustration especially for Bouba declined in limited edition of A3 posters as well as in postcard.

Café Kami

Clara and Elias, who after meeting in Montreal, had a crush together for Japan, then decided to open their coffee bar in Brussels. At Kami, we drink specialty coffee of origin, in direct importation and roasted in Belgium. With Elias, they share the passion of coffee, but also to do things well, starting from the base; the right products. The bread comes from Hopla Geiss, the vegan pastries from Cookie Tree, the charcut 'from Copro Bio. In short, everything is organic, local and seasonal.

We are very happy to collaborate with this new and exciting venue that will host our cooking class and launch event next September!

Jean-Charles Frémont

Artist navigating between paper and pixels, fascinated by textures and details where he likes to lose himself, he opens doors - as he says himself - and sees what happens next. Fascinated by machines, NASA and objects of all kinds, he likes to create new automatisms and reinvent himself constantly.

For Bouba, he imagined the visual identity as well as our campaign and our communication.


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