An online store of handmade soaps

Soaps based on vegetable oil - completely free of animal fats, palm oil, mineral oil and articial colorants

Project visual An online store of handmade soaps
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An online store of handmade soaps

Hello ! Welcome to this crowdfunding which consists of opening an online store of handmade cold process soaps.

The soaps of the futur shop are made from vegetable oil, absent of animal fats, palm oil or mineral oils, colored with natural products (clays, dried botanicals, activated charcoal etc...) and scented, or not, with essential oils or fragrances without allergens.

Through this new brand, I also want to highlight the Made in France, through not only the sale of my soaps, but also with accessories (soap dishes, travel pouches) made by French craftsmen, and yes! who says soaps made in France also says accessories made in France ;).

In case you didn't know, handmade soaps has two "hydration" advantages that industrial soaps do not have: the high glycerin content and superfatting.

In addition, using solid soaps will help contribute to zero waste (no more plastic bottles for shower gels!).

Creator and the Origins of the Project

But who is the soap maker behind this project?

My name is Naomi, I am 28 years old, I have a master's degree in tourism and I recently left my previous job following an economic layoff. With this extra time, I decided to take the opportunity to embark on this epic personal dream of mine : to open my own online store of handmade soaps.

I started making bar soaps for fun in early 2019 following a trip to Canada where I met another passionate soap maker who inspired me a lot with her sense of art and dedication to the craft (she still inspires me to this day). I first started to learn through studying books, watching online tutorials and then eventually participating in a workshop in Paris to learn the basics of cold process soap.

But what is cold process soap?

Saponification occurs when a fatty substance is mixed with lye, at a certain temperature. When these two components are brought together, the molecules recombine to form soap and glycerin.

Once the soaps have been removed from the mold you have to be patient, in fact they must go through a drying period of 4 to 6 weeks before being used. During this period, the last traces of soda disappear and excess moisture evaporates, leaving the soap in a perfectly, cold hardened state, ready for use.

The Project in Detail

The store will open its doors on Etsy and Un Grand Marché platforms (websites dedicated to craftsmen) with a variety of 6 soaps and associated accessories to start (soap dishes, pouches, etc ...). Subsequently, I would like to develop more products to offer a more varied range (bath salts, solid shampoos ...). But first, we’ll start of all with the implementation of the soaps (everything in its time!).

You should know that in order to sell soap in Europe, each formula must be validated by a qualified toxicologist before being able to sell them on the European market.

It is also necessary to respect all ISO standards concerning the soap production workshop.

Today I have already invested in a good part of the equipment: soap cutter, molds, containers, protective glasses, mixer etc. I also made the choice of the range of soaps and created the logo.

I had registered the brand "NAO SOAP" with the INPI but unfortunately this one was refused because too close to a name of an already existing cosmetic laboratory.

So I have to find a new name and also register it.

I am currently in the process of choosing the packaging, creating the business / thank you cards, making the photos and videos for the future site, setting up the documents before sending to the laboratory, and finding a new name.

Why contribute?

I am asking you today to help finance part of the toxicological analysis, the deposit for the new name and the logo with the INPI, the purchase of additional materials and a storage base for packaging and accessories.

My hope is to see the debut of this project in July 2021!

The rewards

In exchange for your donations, you will have the right to choose the handmade soaps of your choice, accompanied by a thank you card, or even, the chance to participate in a soap workshop to learn the basics.

Please note that the delivery costs will not be included.

Allocation of funds

The funds collected will be used in part to finance the toxicological analysis with the laboratory (around 2000 € for 6 different soaps), but also to deposit the new name and the logo (380 €) with the INPI and for the purchase of additional materials: printer, a new professional scale (accurate to 0.0g), and a storage base for packaging and accessories.

Below is a pie chart for an overview of the funds required:

Of course, the more the target is exceeded, the stronger the identity will be 😊

FYI, the pot is only released if it reaches its goal.

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