New gallery in Sarajevo! Give your support to our contemporary art center.


The project

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Gallery Brodac was established as an enthusiastic effort of several volunteers willing to fight against  social-economic  and  political  oppression  and  youth  indifference.


A  group  of  young artist  organized "working  actions“  to  clean  and  create  space  where  they  can  exhibit  and share space with their colleagues, since the government nor  other were willing to take care about  the  rising  art  our  young  generation  has  to  offer.  


Our primary  mission  is  to  promote and  enhance  contemporary  art  scene,  in  the  country  and  abroad,  which  will  be  real contribution  to  positive  changes  in  society.  


We  are  ready to  improve  the  life-quality  of  our citizens  by  bringing  up  the  most  important  thing  for  their  personal  and  common  growth: culture.  Art  is  foremost  a  usefull  and  necessary  tool  in  fighting  illiteracy  and  the  strongest advocate  of  people.  


An  artist  is  a  worker  constantly  representing  all  workers  who  work  for living – earning fairly through the creation process – producing the product for good of all.  


By  creating  and  giving  opportunities  for  artists  and  audience  to  interract  in  an  independent space,  excluded  from  any  unwanted  political  or  social  impact  -  surrounded  only  by  quality art-works, we will  improve both: the life-standard of  citizens by being a conduit toward the public,  so  as  continuing  the  process  of  de-marginalizing  culture  in  order  to  make  our contemporary art scene stronger and bigger – as it deserves to be.


Death to the silence! Liberty to the people! 

Why fund it?



Gallery opened its doors with a first exhibition on 13 May 2016.


"Reconstruction at Gallery Brodac" is the name of the first collective exhibition in this gallery, which presented the works of established European artists such as Jusuf Hadzifejzovic, Louis James, Pierre Courtine ...  


This was followed by a period of construction work by us, young artists and the founders of the center.  


During the summer of 2016, the gallery has opened its doors for two more exhibitions, representing a major collective exhibition titled "Contemporary refresh" presenting works of 21 young artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina with more than 150 art works.  


Thanks to this exhibition we were able to continue working in the gallery and its renovation.   U


nfortunately, we do not live in a suitable environment for the achievement of the objectives in the field of contemporary art, and therefore we decided for this move.


In the country where utopia is previling the strenght of spirit of young artists is wourthed of acknowledgement and worth of fundung.The gallery will give the opportunity to art of Sarajevo to flourish.




Since the current art scene in Bosnia and Herzegovina is in slow motion without major activities, the gallery would be fresh new start to move the scene from the  curent position.


It will not be possible in short period to finish construction work of the gallery without of the support, Especialy since the leagal bodies of the country are diminishing and ignoring the art and anything related to it.




 The main objective of this project is to complete the basic construction works in the gallery.   We are getting ready for the long winter, and the gallery is necessary to provide basic things like:


1.The system of heating.-1400  

2. An electrical energy and instalations-1050

3.Water and sanitation-800

4.The new entrance doors-2000


These are the basics that are needed to make our idea went further.   We are present to support and introduce contemporary art to all, in order to serve society for the common good of everyone of us!



What do we do if the goal is exceeded?

  We hope to reach our goal, which would be for us  a huge success. But in the case of a miracle, and if we exceeded our goal, we are determined that all resources are directed to the development of the gallery, which will show through the transparent work program  of the same.   Through various activities, creative workshops and encouraging young artists, we shall try to focus all funds raised in these channels.     All this will show through the calendar of activities.   The same calendar will be posted on this page if we reach the half of our goal!

Mak Hubjer (1993) is artist from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He's a student at painting department at Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo.His work was shown in multiple national and international exhibitions. Mak Hubjer is creator of „Izlozba na šinama“(Exhibition in tramway) 2015. Mak Hubjer’s work is based primarily on social problems, and interventions in... See more