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Brussels Blue Community

<p><strong>A Blue Community ?</strong></p> <p>A &#39;Blue Community&#39; is a city committed to respecting the human right to water, prohibiting the use of water bottles within the city territory and guaranteeing public management and distribution of water resources. This concept, originating from Canada, is currently spreading throughout Europe: Paris and Berlin have recently become &#39;Blue Communities&#39;, so why not Brussels ?</p> <p><strong>Our project</strong></p> <p>With the help of a transmedia campaign (social media and website) and a documentary, we strive to inform and convince people, and thereby encourage the Brussels government to turn Brussels into a &#39;Blue Community&#39;. We would also like to project the documentary during an event during which different experts in the sector would be invited to hold a conference on this issue.</p> <p><strong>Our team</strong></p> <p>We are six students in the Sociocultural Animation and Permanent Education Master&rsquo;s degree at the IHECS in Brussels. What brought us together as a group was the observation that access to water is threatened and yet all too often taken for granted. Our main motivation is the belief that we can have a concrete and positive impact on Brussels, a city close to our hearts.</p> <p><strong>Questions ?</strong></p> <p></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>Thank you for your support !</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>

Allocation of funds

<p><strong>Where would the money go to?</strong></p> <p>First and foremost, 500 &euro; would cover the rental of the equipment for the conference, in order to compensate the experts, and insure a solid communication campaign.</p> <p>We also want to distribute 100 &euro; worth of maps and posters showing all the public water fountains in the city.</p> <p>Travel and accommodation to other Blue Communities such as Paris and Berlin cost 600 &euro;.</p> <p>Finally, our most important expense is to seek the help of a professional illustrator (1700 &euro;). Water remains largely hidden and, by integrating animation into the documentary, we can reproduce this underground world in a poetic way. &nbsp;</p>




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We thank you on our website and you receive a montly newsletter to know how the project is evolving.

Estimated delivery: September 2019



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In addition of the Drop, you receive our stickers (with our logo) and a special thanks on our social media.

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In addition to the Rain, you receive a metal flask with our logo on it.

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In addition to the Rain, you get a personal thanks in our documentary's credits.

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In addition to the River, you receive the entirety of our interviews via wetransfer.

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In addition to the Geyser, you get a ticket to visit the Brussels' sewer museum with us.

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In addition to the Waterfall, you receive a meal in a restaurant of Brussels where water is free.

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In addition to the Sea, you get the chance to see the preview of our documentary with 10 person. You will have the opportunity to give us your advices before we finish the editing.

Estimated delivery: November 2019



In addition to the Ocean, we offer our communication and realisation skills for a whole day.

Estimated delivery: November 2019

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