Burning man 2013: french CORE project

Help us to build the first large French art installation at the Burning man festival. The festival is 26 years old, and happens in the Nevada desert.

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Burning man 2013: french CORE project





"Stairway to heaven" (“Un escalier vers le ciel” in French) is an art installation supported by a small group of people belonging to Frenchburners, the French Burning Man regional group. The French burner community already has much experience creating burner-friendly and burning man themed events in France, and now we would love to bring a touch of French flair to the playa this year as

part of the Circle of Regional Effigies (CORE).




As part of the guiding principles of Burning Man, we practice radical inclusion. Are you inspired by this project? Please join us and help support us financially and logistically to make this project a reality!





 1/CORE: what is it?


 CORE is the acronym for the Circle of Regional Effigies (link Circle of Regional Effigies), which are a group of art installations created by various regional burning man communities around the world. The regional effigies, which are placed in a circle around the Man, illustrate how global communities of burners work year round to bring the culture of Black Rock city to the world at large.


The CORE teams work together throughout the year and follow the 10 guiding principles of Burning Man.


 They celebrate their regional identity and demonstrate the collaborative artistic projects by the international community of burners.


As part of the collaboration between Burning Man and the regional groups, the CORE projects take center stage on the Thursday of during the Burning Man Festival, when all of the CORE projects are burned simultaneously, celebrating the evolution and growth of the burner culture outside of the borders of Black Rock City.


To see the first CORE projects that were featured in the 2011, click this link (ajouter le lien ici )




To see projects that were featured in the 2012 CORE, click this link









 2/ Our Project, Stairway to Heaven


 "Stairway to heaven" (in French, "un escalier vers le ciel") is a road to the unknown, a vertical adventure with no other purpose than the experience itself. Excitement for new knowledge, exploring the unknown, curiosity about different people and being present for new experiences: this is our vision of a Cargo Cult.


The stairway is a spiral, ascending to a place where it is impossible to say what lies ahead. As in life sometimes, the participant follows an indirect path, getting closer to the center at each turn, closer to the heart. There is no clear, direct path to ascend towards the center. You learn from the path as you move forward and up, and the meaning comes from the experience. The journey itself is the reward.


What you can expect when you reach the top? A glass of wine poured directly from the barrel. Wine represents both France and also Bacchus or Dionysus, the god of excess, debauchery and wild instincts.


Drink some wine at the summit and celebrate the gods of the playa, enjoying it like a prasad, a treat offered at the end of a hindu ritual.


Picture yourself 6 meters above the ground, taking a deep breath and enjoying the view of the playa, relishing the immediacy of the experience.


The interior of the structure will be hollow and can spontaneously host events. It will be a type of refuge, a secret cavern. The sides and the interior of the structure will be decorated with drawings, graffiti, poems, etc. We will begin decorating the structure ourselves and invite the participants of Black Rock City to continue to decorate the structure during the festival, making the structure interactive and collaborative throughout its existence. 


This experience of collaboration and artistic expression rising towards the heavens is a journey not only above the ground, but also within our selves.














Allocation of funds

We make this campaign in order to buy the materials.


contact: core@frenchburners.org

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