Please support us to help bring to life this photography exhibition!


The project

"Cabinet of Curiosities" is a series of 10 photographs by Lebanese artist Carole Dana.


This financing campaign aims to raise sufficient funds to host a gallery exhibition in Galerie Joseph - MINIMES (16 rue des Minimes 75003) in PARIS, FRANCE on 17th March 2017.


The event, to which all are warmly invited, will be held from 6 pm to 10 pm.

The photographer and crew will be present and glad to discuss the artworks.


What is "Cabinet of Curiosities"?


A photography series that portrays human abuse in its most vivid form, laying bare extreme malnourishment and neglect in a stark and unapologetic fashion.


The male and female models underwent a total of four hours of special effects makeup and were set up in staged scenes conveying all too clearly the feeling of misery and vulnerability.


The cabinet present in certain images provides a metaphor for the feeling of entrapment felt by many victims of malnourishment and neglect.




This series is only the tip of the iceberg among the artist's photographic journey encompassing similar themes stemming from her own life experiences. 


Why Galerie Joseph?


This beautiful Galerie is one of a number of small galleries located in this artistic corner of Paris. Its distinctive "stripped down" walls give it an austere feel ideal for the presentation of these photographs. 







Carole Dana


Paris-based Lebanese artist, Carole Dana touches different corners of the creative world. She was born and raised in Lebanon. She lived in Egypt for three years before moving to Paris in 2014. She likes to combine different mediums. She works mostly with drawing, photography, film, digital art, and clothing design. She is doing two studies in two separate universities; Fine Arts in Paris College of Art and Film in SAE Institute. She says this has allowed to truly combine both the technical and creative aspects that she needs to create her artworks. 


To view more of her work please visit WEBSITE

Check out her facebook page.

Or visit her STORE




Jeremy Beuzeboc

Head Operator 





Damian Richardot



Damien, 25 years old, and the second year in Film Making student at the SAE Institute in Paris.

He discovered the audiovisual and cinema trades when he arrived in SAE, although he had always wanted to do cinema since childhood. 

On Cabinet of Curiosities, he participated as an electrician. He managed the positioning of the spotlights and adjusted the temperatures and color tones, in order to realize the atmosphere that Carole, the photographer wanted to see come to life on her models.








Tom Atome 


Passionate about photography from an early age, Tom spent many years behind the camera as an assistant or photographer. For 5 years now it has also spent time in front of the camera. Tom likes to slip into the skin of new characters as an actor or model. He enjoys participating in the artistic creation of projects, especially when they are staggered. Tom has an expressive face, he is tall and slender. He is also passionate about climbing.





Genevieve Howard


Genevieve is a 19-year-old America/Swiss/German model and actress living in Paris. She loves to dance and was raised learning ballet. Her mother is a dancer and her father an actor and the apple didn't fall far from the tree! 




Why fund it?

A camera is a tool for learning how to see without a camera. - Dorothea Lange





A photography project of this intricacy requires a great deal of preparation and pre-production. 


I very much appreciate your help and donations towards this event and thus wish to be totally transparent as to the purpose of the funding. 


The funding for this project will go to Carole Dana and will principally contribute to the staging of the vernissage itself which includes:


SPACE Galerie Joseph - Minimes  - 1200€


FRAMES - 250€







The project itself was self-financed; this entailed the following:




PROPS - 150€


MODELS - 200€





Thank you and meet us in Galerie Joseph - Minimes!


Lebanese artist based in Paris. Her education includes a Fine Arts Major and a Filmmaking Diploma. She works with drawings, photography, film, clothing design and digital art.