CALLAS NIKOFF, Comme Quoi, Premier Album

"Callas Nikoff, Comme quoi". The 1st LP comprised of 5 vocal seamstresses delivering a truly eccentric, uplifting, moving, inspiring and just plain fun musical endeavour. Dearest friends and almost friends, we welcome you to our flabbergasted universe. The Callas Nikoff needs you … and you … and you … to make this album and our band exist to the greater-global community and their living rooms. Thank you.

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CALLAS NIKOFF, Comme Quoi, Premier Album

CALLAS NIKOFF; 5 female voices, cumulating 5 decades of multi-generational and multi-cultural polyphonic polyrythmic and polyglotismic work. Transforming abundant melodies, beats and wordsmithery from their bottom-less (it seems) hat. With rythms to intice you, beats to dance to, costumes to teese you and vocals to surprise you...this band is not to be missed.


CALLAS NIKOFF, comprised of the talented...

Elisabeth Wiener, Pascale Valenta, Cokie Demaia, Ophélia Bard, Shaida Kazemi

Photos taken at the Scène Watteau, last november in Nogent-sur-Marne, near Paris :


ElisaElisabeth WIENER, The Bees Knees of Melodious Rock …



Pascale VALENTA, The Ultimate Eccentric Diva …



Cokie DEMAIA, The Electrifying Endlessly-Enticing and Enchanting Punky Frog …



Ophélia BARD, The Percussive Baroque Femme-Fatal …



Shaida KAZEMI, The Young and Tactile, Cultured and Ever-Transforming Voice Sculptress ...


Photos taken by the multi-talented and hightly adored Patrick BARD. Thanks Patrick


Over the past year we have developed some songs for our fans with the first hand-made and limited edition CALLAS NIKOFF EP.


We make continuous visits to a studio in Rouen; Studio du Flâneur, where the wonderful Christophe Pélissié has recorded and is currently mixing the songs for our new EP. We keep going back, not just to see his calming and childish joyous face when he has the whole Callas Nikoff to prepare his supper and get him drunk. No, we go back there mainly to record more songs, and spread the world of Callas Nikoff to people like yourselves.


The official release of our CD will take place on December the 10th at the Vingtième Théâtre on rue des Platrières, Paris - Ménilmontant, before your very eyes, if we recieve the pleasure of your company.


Meanwhile this is what has been said about us in the press over here, for those of you who can read French :



To know more about the Callas Nikoff please go to :



Allocation of funds


We now come to the subject of our presence in Kiss Kiss Bank Bank :


1 - We need money as a means to release our first album, or enough to at least be able to sell some albums at our concerts. The more money we recieve from your lovely selves, the more beautiful the album and its presentation will be.


2 - We also need ways to formally present this magnificent object to the public.

It costs to self-represent and we have a lot of self-representing to do especially in our up-coming show on December 10th, 2012 in Paris in the Twentieth Theatre, Ménilmontant.


The next steps for Callas Nikoff will be :


Recording in Studio du Flâneur in Rouen with Christophe Péllissié

Mixing at the same studio with the same gem of Normandy

Mastering in Paris (which costs)

CD design

Copyright taxes (SACEM/SDRM)

CD publishing

Designing the Posters and flyers

Printing the pre-designed Posters and flyers


All for a total of 5200€



Now that you have taken the time to read this far, you have full knowledge of our noble cause.

We are asking you for your help and support on our lofty quest in any-way you can. 

we are currently seeds with great potential to grow, but we need a good watering.


Thank you all from the bottom of our larynxes!




Below - Callas Nikoff featured in the newspaper; The Écho Républicain (February)  :






More stills from our concert in Nogen-sur-Marne








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