Camila Arbelaez Paris easy-to-wear luxury handbags

We commemorate the multi-faceted woman of today through TIMELESS, VERSATILES AND STRUCTURED HANDBAGS ! Be part of it !

Project visual Camila Arbelaez Paris easy-to-wear luxury handbags
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Camila Arbelaez Paris easy-to-wear luxury handbags

How everything started : THE DESIGNER


Born in Caracas, Venezuela Camila Arbelaez is a young traveler at heart and a free spirit who as a little girl used fashion as a mean of expression. She lived her childhood in Venezuela and journeyed across several stanzas in Canada to settle in Paris, where she gets her bachelor and master degree in Luxury marketing, specialized in fashion. She also discovers a world full of different cultures, interests that will help to unveils her creativity. 


From these new experiences emerges the desire to undertake and create designs that embrace the secrets of self-confident, structure and mixture. This is how Camila Arbelaez Paris is born, with designs that show the beauty of shapes, the simplicity of merging and the timelessness of details.  A slick and casual but at the same time elegant handy purses for the many times when a woman needs to carry her essentials while still keeping a distinctive touch of class which accents her looks and complements what she desires to wear.  


Camila Arbelaez Paris is as also a way to motivate other aspiring young designers to dare to create and make their dreams come true, she is a member of the YOUNG FEMELE ENTREPRENEUR ASSOCIATION. Also cares deeply and participates with the Alopecia Areate Association.


This first official collection will honore the mixity and the importance of timeless pieces, always fusioning originality and elegance.



Giving life to a collection: MELTING POT intro  


Melting Pot celebrates the urban woman of today. It commemorates her capacity to adapt to the different worlds that she is confronted and related to everyday.  


The collection designs focus on the simplicity of mixture and gives the possibility to stand out through the importance of details.  


The purses present textures, a playground for squares, rectangles and the favorite triangle. A collection that embodies timeless bags, versatiles shapes and a chromatic world.


Our universe:




Now discover the bags:




This discreet « petit » bag is ready to take care of all your small and precious secrets. Practical, party, and efficiency are BOXY’s favorite words.






Ideal for a woman looking for an original and outstanding piece to fit her outfit. Authentic, risky and amusing are PUSSI’s favorite words.






Represents the urban boho chic woman. Perfect for a whole day outdoor, enjoying a girls time in a "terrace" or having a great time in a concert. Freedom, fun and music are SACO’s favorite words.






Perfect for the active urban woman who needs to carry on more than her little essentials. Ready to work and help you to rock your outfit giving you elegance and color. Functional, appropriate and chic are UNITED’s favorite words.






The woman of today has 2 faces, she can be sporty and chic, from Venezuela and France, crazy and responsible… This bag embodies this mixed woman that has more than one world to offer. Together, double power and smarter are TWIN’s favorite words.




note: A Venezuelan soul designing in PARIS, crafting in Portugal with authentic strong cow leather (skin origin Europe).


All bags will come in 6 different colors :





Allocation of funds

After finishing my masters degree and working in Paris for other designers in the shoe, ready-to-wear and jewelry industry. I Finally decided to give 100% of my self to launch my project, which has been alive for a couple of years already, but in an unofficial way.


After defining my identity, formalizing my designs, finding the right suppliers to work with and doing my first prototypes, I decided it was time, and suddenly amazing feedbacks started to popup.  


In order to accelerate the launching process I concluded that funding will be an excellent opportunity to share and spread the word about the brand and let those who believe in it help me do it, and for those who are handbag lovers, get the chance to participate and have one.


Besides that, part of my brand values, are to share my story and motivate other young designers that it doesn't matter where you come from and where you live, you can achieve your dreams!! Kiss Kiss Bank Bank is an excellent way to reach this new creative generation ! 


Find bellow the funded money distribution details : 




If we collect more than the objective, It could help us to participate in professional fairs for example Premiere Classe in Paris. Also part of our plans is having a showroom abroad in order to develop the brand in foreign markets and finally if everything goes well, we would love to have the possibility to hire contributors to join the adventure !






GRACIAS MERCI all for participate !!!!  If you want to keep an eye on our universe follow us on:  

INSTAGRAM @CamilaArbelaez_Paris

FACEBOOK @CamilaArbelaezParis


Besos from Paris ! Camila A & Keep in touch !

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