Cannibales & Vahinés - Nouvel album

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Cannibales & Vahinés - Nouvel album

After having taken their imaginative, committed, free, unbound sound all over France and abroad, Cannibales & Vahinés are back with Songs for a Free Body. A new intense and poetic album, with lyrics written by G.W. Sok (ex-the Ex).


The new songs have been recorded in last December at studio La Vache in Lapeyrouse-Fossat, after three residencies in the South of France. Now however, we need your help to realizethe album’s pressing on CD and vinyl.


We are calling upon each and every fan and all other curious people to support the successful realization of this project!


Now playing : Mirror Man -  New song from the limited edition 7" vinyl single, released on April 18 for "Disquaire Day". Another version of Mirror Man will be released on Songs for a Free Body this autumn.





Since its beginnings as a trio in 2005, the imagination, sensitivity and the dream-like images were the main sources of inspiration for Cannibales & Vahinés' music. At first, his musical ambience often resulted in using sampled vocals. Since 2010 these vocals are taken care of by G.W. Sok, poet, singer, and frontman of the legendary group The Ex for almost 30 years. The voice that was tried and tested in every scent of punk and beyond, now allied itself to the unleashed instruments of the trio, giving rise to a singular sound full of contrast. Improvisation and individual creativity are balanced with melodic sequences, constructing a perfect platform for the poetry sung by Sok, his whispered complaints or his anger shouted out in the face of the world.


After more than five years together, touring in France and in The Netherlands, Russia, Switzerland, Belgium and after the release of two albums, the quartet have cultivated a tremendous artistic and relational kinship. Gradually, over time, they have fostered the emergence of a sound that is liberated, selfevident and free from frills. Their identity is a collage of rage and concision, libertarianism and restraint, anger, poetry and passion.


In 2014, the group set to work on a new album, during residencies at various venues in the South of France (Le Florida, Agen - Lo Bolegason, Castres - Le Rio, Montauban). With the concocted songs recorded in last December, the new album Songs for a Free Body, preceded by the release of a vinyl 7" on April 18th, will be due in the Autumn of 2015, with your support.



Cannibales & Vahinés and Ayumu Matsuo at studio La Vache in December 2014 during the album recordings.



France : Les lendemains qui chantent, Jazz à Luz, Festival Météo, Le Pixie, La Miroiterie, Le Jardin Moderne, Le Bikini, La Centrifugeuse, Centre Pompidou-Metz, Musique Action, Cave à Musique, Festival Densité, Le Sonic, Art’Cade, La Bobine...

Jazzmigration tour 2008 Tours in Holland, Russia, Switzerland and Belgium



- William S. Tell - Label Les disques à la plage / 2007 / (in trio)


- N.O.W.H.E.R.E - Label Tractor Notown / April 2012


- Mirror Man b/w November Night

7" vinyl limited edition - April 18th 2015 / Disquaire Day

Label Tractor Notown / Mr Morezon / 200 copies


- Songs For a Free Body

new album to be released this Autumn if the funds needed for manufacturing are raised.

Label Mr Morezon 012 / Autumn 2015


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Allocation of funds

The fund-raising will allow us to finance the pressing of the album Songs for a Free Body on CD (1000 copies) and on vinyl (300 copies).





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