Carmilla de Sheridan Le Fanu, nouvelle édition

Carmilla by Sheridan Le Fanu, a bloody good read!

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Carmilla de Sheridan Le Fanu, nouvelle édition



Tendance Négative Publishing House came from both our love of books and graphic design. Text and image deeply transform the way we read, understand and experience the story told. Our work is to give reading a new meaning and transcend words and images.


Because we are sure that paper lives long, even after death, for our first publishing we chose to revive the brilliant work of Sheridan Le Fanu and present a new translation in French of his Carmilla. 25 years before Bram Stocker’s Dracula, Le Fanu has engraved the image of the vampire as we know it, evil and disturbingly sensual.


From Lord Ruthven to Dracula, Nosferatu to Lestat or more recently Eric and Edward from True Blood, the vampire has almost always been a very pale-skinned man, frightening and bewitching.

Carmilla is the first short story in which the character is a young, beautiful female vampire that preys on innocent girls.


Nightmares, blood and forbidden love collide in this gothic masterpiece. It’s modern, spellbinding and practically unknown to the French public.




We would like to offer a well-designed, fully original and challenging book as a mark of great respect for Le Fanu’s writing.


The book is pierced right through, as if bitten by the night creature. Page by page, the text is covered with blood to match the thrilling and ghoulish turns of the story.


Technical details

128 pages

format 11x18

printed in 2 colors

print run 500 copies

out on March 2015

available on our website and in bookstores


Thanks to your generosity, the book will be brought to life. We hope it will bring you a great new experience!





Allocation of funds

Tendance Négative is a no-profit association. We work during our free time for the love of books & literature and unite our 3 forces to make the best of our ideas come to life.


To make our project finally see the light of day and to be able to share it, we do need you booklovers, vampires ghouls & groupies and graphic design fan(g)s!


This project will only be funded if at least the sum of 3000 € is reached. The money will exclusively be used for printing, distribution, shipping costs, making of the goodies and kisskissbankbank commission.





Your counterparts are original copies. Bookmarks, postcards, posters and totebags have been silkprinted with love and in limited editions.




If we reach our purpose, we will set a Ghoul & The Gang party to thank you, meet you for drinks and dance all night. The goodies will be handed to you personally at the party.


To those who can’t be here with us on this occasion, we will of course send them by post.


If we collect more than expected and together with the book sales, we will keep calm and carry on the venture: we’ll give birth to new graphic & editorial concepts of the highest quality to match the masterpieces of French and foreign literature. A collection with mirror and see-trough graphic design is to be continued…


Our project in numbers


0 animal harmed to make the book (but some trees alas!)

3 booklovers

4 new grey hairs

36 restaurant napkins full of great ideas

288 reprimands for too long lunch breaks

17 392 boiling red globules


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© Camille Cier


The Team


Tendance Négative gathers 3 booklovers who are fond of images, graphic design and long & short stories.


Clément Buée is a graphic designer, our king of book making-up & northern soul records. See what he does when he’s not working on Carmilla (always around paper though):

visual writing


Bookaholic and nuts about almonds and literature in English, Malika Baaziz deals with translation, corrections and printing follow-up.


Corentin Sparagano is teaching History and is an archery big chief. He juggles with numbers & figures and is in charge of the association finances.

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Estimated delivery: April 2015

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Estimated delivery: April 2015

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