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Support Cartoonely: the personalized portrait specialist

If you’re here, it's because our photo caught your eye and you thought you recognized your favorite family. Welcome to Cartoonely 

But first, let me tell you the story of two friends who wanted to cartoonize their village.

It all started when Carl met Lenny at school. They became buddies at first sight. Their first conversation? Their love for their favourite TV series of course! .  

After spending hours predicting The Simpsons' episodes and Son Goku's fights, they imagined what they would look like as their favorite manga characters. That's when they had the idea to transform into their favorite cartoons. The word soon spread and they thought "why not share our passion with our villages?!”  Wubba Lubba dub-dub!!... And Cartoonely was born.

(The name comes from the word Cartoon combined  with Ely. Don't ask us why we chose "Ely'' because we don't know either... but it sounded cooool).

So what is Cartoonely?

Cartoonely is our identity, our trademark. We are the specialists of cartoonized portraits. Since our creation we have not only cartoonized our villages but also the surrounding regions.

Our passion for cartoons has brought thousands of people together and even crossed borders. We found  our unique community, the one that looks like us the most. You know… the "sofa and TV" community.

Since then, we have been meddling in our members’ daily lives and laughing A LOT when creating personalized portraits, each one more original than the other...

What's the concept? 

You send us a photo and we create a 100% personalized portrait of you, based on your desires, entirely handmade. (Yes, everything is done by hand!!!) If you want to be standing in Springfield town with your spider-pig, or showing your super saiyan muscles or hopping from one galaxy to another in your space shuttle... there are no limits! We'll make your dreams a reality... even the craziest ones. In fact, especially the crazy ones! But if you want to watch your favorite TV show in your birthday suit on the couch? We can do that as well... No questions asked.

Our personalized portraits are all about one thing: love and happiness...
Many members of our "sofa and TV" community don’t spend their days alone ... but next to their prince or princess.

They want to remind their loved ones how important they are on birthdays, anniversaries, and any day! Special surprises that will create unique moments and memories to last a lifetime.

Some have even since created their own special family, because let's face it, every parent has a superhero side...

Cartoonely has created more than 5000 portraits in France and in the French Caribbean islands. This very encouraging beginning makes us want to do even more...
We wish to grow and after having worked tirelessly 7 days a week for 1 year in order to keep Cartoonely up and running, we now want to increase our visibility among our English-speaking friends and extend our family by recruiting  a member of staff so we can be even more efficient and closer to our customers.

We invite you to join the Cartoonely adventure on our flying carpet as we soar towards new horizons.

To do so, we don’t wish to ask for donations. Instead, we would like to offer you your own personalized portrait in different formats in exchange for a contribution from you.
Since our Cartoonely website already exists, we have suggested special versions here which will not be available on the website... 

The prices of these special portraits are unique to the kisskiss platform, so you have a one off opportunity to receive your portrait at a super discounted price!

Should I bring my friends along on the Cartoonely adventure?

Yes, the more the merrier!

Why not start by sharing your opinion on the new Cartoonely categories? Give us your opinion here : I want to give my opinion

Then, contribute to the development of Cartoonely by offering a personalized portrait to your loved ones among the available contributions!

And finally, invite your friends and family to join us and follow the previous steps!


See you soon !

Lenny & Carl 

Co-founder of Cartoonely

Allocation of funds

For you:

✔️ You will receive a personalized portrait, 100% handmade according to your wishes.

✔️ You can already plan your Father's Day or Mother's Day gift

✔️ You can already plan a birthday and avoid the stress of looking for an original gift.

✔️ You support two friends in their ambitious project

✔️ Join the "couch-TV" community

✔️ Have your say on how our categories evolve (I want to give my opinion)

With 100 Pre-Orders, thanks to you :
- We will be able to develop our website in English

- We will be able to launch 2 new categories ( I want to give my opinion )

With 300 Pre-Orders, thanks to you :
- We will be able to develop our site in English

- We will be able to launch 5 new categories ( I want to give my opinion )

- We will be able to recruit a member of staff to help us be closer to our customers and to expand the team.


With 500 Pre-Orders, thanks to you :

- We will be able to develop our website in English & German.

- We will be able to launch 10 new categories ( I want to give my opinion )


- We will be able to recruit a member of staff to help us to be closer to our customers. 

- We will be able to pay ourselves our first salary!

We thank you for taking the time to read our story and those who have trusted us so far. We are doing our best to constantly improve and provide quality portraits. Special thanks for the support of :

Djibril Cissé

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