The project







We’ll fuel your interest in the past, present and future with hilarious scenes and games! These days we experience a “fast track” approach to knowledge by entertainment! In our eagerness to get entertained, we are beginning to lose valuable details and insights!


Our goal is to help raise the bar, span the gender and generational gaps, and invite the audience to have a fun filled and extraordinary experience with culture, music and cooking.


We are inviting popular musicians to play their latest tracks, and chat about their careers. We will give them funny challenges to show their crafts and skills, while at the same time having young enthusiastic chefs spice up the show with exceptional dishes. They will create and serve a gourmet experience for the invited artists and surprise guests.


We will be on the streets looking for a mystery guest for each episode... One could be you!









Did you ever think about where you came from?  What if Hitler had won in europe? What if the French revolution had never happened? We will play with these thoughts and many more to enter deeper into our culture and history and show how important it is for our existence in the present and for the future.


You will find out more about the heros & villains in the previous centuries and how they changed history…


Watch as the host invites his guests to join him on a humorous journey of discovery as he attempts to recreate some of the great events that shook this beautiful country of France in days of old.









From, Rock ‘n’ Roll, Soul, R&B, Hip Hop, Reggae, Electro, Folk, Rockin’ Country, Blues, Gospel, and Jazz, find out how, and why, the songsmiths that create the backbeat of our lives compose their music the way they do! Listen to their songs, watch their latest videos, and hear their stories about the music industry’s rocky road to fame.


Look out for unusual surprises for you and mind blowing experiences for the mystery guests… could it be you?!!!


Enjoy watching these chart toppers join the host in jam sessions with antique instruments, and share their love for great music and the arts!


How will they look dressed up in period costumes, as they become Kings and Queens, or just plain servants for a day?


Would you like to see some of your favorite icons being thrown into a vat of goo, or be locked in a haunted room for a night?


You might be the person chosen to be there with them!!!








Wonder what the monarchs had on their plates hundreds of years ago?How nutritional was their food compared to what we eat these days?


Have fun with the host as he joins the chefs in the marketplace to buy the ingredients, then disastrously tries to assist them in the kitchen!


Join the artists as they enjoy meals from bygone days and today!


Hear what the Pop stars like to cook when they’re at home!


Would you like to have dinner with them?!!!



Why fund it?


We came to realize a while ago that so many music programs these days don't really emphasize enough what it means to be a singer/songwriter and the challenges that they encounter to get their music out there to the world.





Too many interviews are carried out in the boringly standard 'Question & Answer' format that doesn't go further than "What is the song about? What led to you releasing this new album?" Blah, blah, etc, etc! To add to the boredom, the interviews are often carried out backstage at a gig, or in a recording studio, which aren't the most suitable places for the artists to truly let their hair down, so that we, the audience, can get to know them better! 





Putting singer/songwriters in some stunningly wonderful locations and giving them crazy things to do that have a direct link to the history of each place, then asking them to participate in what can only be described as the 'mother' of Food & Drink Tasting sessions seemed only logical to us, because then we'd see the real characters of these amazing people, and not just the glitter side that the general media likes to portray!





So, if you feel that you want something to give you a greater sense of connection to brilliant singer/songwriters, their fantastic music, plus amazing culture, and sensational food, then we'd like your support to raise the sum of €30.000 so that we can produce and shoot the pilot to a series of 12 incredible episodes filled with lots of fun and interesting facts!






* €30.000 will enable us to shoot the pilot! (episode #1)

* €60.000 episode #2!

* €90.000 episode #3!

* €120.000 episode #4!

* €150.000 episode #5!

* €180.000 episode #6!

* €360.000 episode #12!


The time schedule for the production:

Due to the fact that production exterior shots need to be done in the spring. We have chosen to start the whole production in March 2018.


The time schedule for the production looks like this:




Social consciousness: Because we are guys with a strong social conscious, we have decided that we want to help the homeless on an international level, this being more relevant than ever after the recent devastating hurricanes in the Caribbean and the US.


Homelessness is a topic that people are struggling to relate to before they end up in the situation. To emphasize the importance, we are integrating a poetic "talk" about home & homelessness in every episode. We will do our best to put the focus on this issue.


However, we want to extend this to all countries, with the ultimate objective of helping homeless people in the major cities of the world. Beyond the funding of the 5th episode, it is our intention to donate 5% of all funding and income generated via advertizing, etc, to a charitable organization that shares our views.


We have yet to make a choice as to which organization we would like to donate to, but, as soon as we have chosen one, we'll let everyone know!


In the meantime, please feel free to give us your own suggestions!


Home is where the heart is ... Have you found yours?







Because we need a whole new organisation/company for running this production, we have chosen to start up with a private bank account. We will before production begins transfer all the money to the new company Mirabili Media that is on the way of being constructed. 

We hope it will not be inconvenient for you...

Please feel free to pose any questions to us about this issue!


Claes, Martin, and Tony - three jolly 'musketeers' who need your support to highlight the skills of singer/songwriters via interviews and roleplaying in some of the most beautiful surroundings imaginable! Add to this platefuls of the best in french gastronomy, and you have a recipe that will hold you spellbound for the 40 minutes of each... See more

FAQ Questions about the project

+ When can I see the first episode?

It will be released in the fall of 2018!

+ How is it possible to produce this TV show at so low costs?

We are using new technology that keeps the cost down!