CC - Coffee House Créatif

The Café Créatif (CC) : a warm & trendy coffee house, with home made pastries and a touch of crafts !

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CC - Coffee House Créatif

Bonjour !


My name is Céline and I would like to present you my project ! I told you everything in this little video clip but if you don't have time right now, you can still read these few lines first ... :)



It's during a trip to New York that I re-discovered THE coffee, like they really know how to do it over there : subtle espressos, powerful flavours, many ways of drinking it, ...  very interesting to me, the "petit noir de comptoir" lover (=espresso served in french brasseries).


Real lively places, where I spent a lot of time, alone or with friends, to enjoy the casual, relaxed and cosy atmosphere but to learn as well how to make those delicious coffees.


And cherry on the cake, I found there my favorite pastries : cookies, muffins, cupcakes, cinnamon rolls... Pretty cool, isn't? :)


Back to Paris, it was time to take stock of the situation : 30 years old, ex manager of a company, I've dreamed for years of combining my two hobbies : cooking and crafts... So why not taking the plunge ?


So... deal ! I am going to open my COFFEE HOUSE and my CRAFT STUDIO in Paris !


That's how is born CC, the Café Créatif !




Today CC, is about to open .. but still... I need you !!


Why crowdfunding and how does it works ?


Even if I succeed in getting some financing, I still need extra funds to open café CC. And as I wanted to give a real human dimension to my project, I thought about the crowdfunding solution.


This fund-raising is really important to me so I can start my business in the best conditions.


The idea is to allow you to participate in the creation of CC by making a financial contribution : you really play your part in CC's creation ! In exchange, you will receive a present (which value is proportionate to your donation).


You can follow the fund raising campaign on line here on (and on the social networks too) and you will be informed precisely of the investments I will do with your contributions.


-- the website (100% secured) KissKissBankBank allows you to donate the amount of your choice.

-- the "gifts" list is available on the right side of the page.

-- If the fund raising wouldn't aim its goal after 30 days, you will be totally paid off.

-- If you have any question, feel free to contact me directly or through the form at the bottom of that page.


I will frequently keep you updated of what is going on at CC's and of course will tell you as soon as we are opened ! Please don't hesitate to share this page... I count on you to give me the very last hand in this beautiful adventure !!


Thank you for following my story & my project until now and see you very soon ...


CC ;)

Allocation of funds

This fund-raising will be totally used for the renovation, furniture and decoration of CC, so it's going to be this cosy and nice place for a coffee break, a brainstorming session, or a friendly lunch.


Without revealing you everything, here are some ideas of what I have in mind...



- Mismatched furniture bought in second hand shops, flee markets, at Emmaus,, garage sales, etc...




Like for instance : 


A couch like the one in the "Central Perk" from F.R.I.E.N.D.S (~700€ on

A wood coffee table (~50€ on 




An old vintage chair (110€ on, some old high school stools (50€ on




A console table, drapery style, to keep the Craft Kits (~250€ on




A lot of bistrot tables (~110€ on and a lot of bistrot seats (~180€ on




- On the floor a replica of old tiles (1236€ at Mosaic Del Sur)




- For the decoration some wood shelves with cable suspensions (46,77€ l'unité at la Redoute)




- And many more surprises for the coffee room and the kitchen that I keep for myself for now... because we never know ... if the fund-raising would go beyond 3 000 € ... There are still things you could contribuite for, like  :


- A set of 3 vases (37€ at Hema)




- Some pilows for the bench, so you are comfortably seated (6.99€ per unit at Conforama)




- one (or two) fairy lights to recall those you find everywhere in NYC (~45€ on Amazon)




Voilà... I could go on like this for long because ideas are not really missing ! j


I count on you guys ! I look forward to having you at CC's and share with you my two passions in the best setting ever.


Again, don't hesitate to share this page.. and to contact me through the social networks or by email !


The facebook page is right here !


If you prefer Instagram that's all right :)


But we can also meet us on Twitter if you want ...


And there is still the good old email :


Des bisous and see you soon !


CC ;)


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