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CelKilt / New Album!


Founded in 2011 around Titou MacFire, Drik MacWater, Rems MacGround, Ana MacFive and Iain MacWind, CelKilt has been blending Rock, Traditional Celtic music and Punk ever since, roaming the world (3 times in the US, Russia, Canada, and even the Bahamas For The Salty Dog Cruise alongside The Offspring and Flogging Molly) defending The Power of The Kilt!

In the band's suitcase, more than 500 shows in 8 years, lots of sweat, high voltage energy, wildly noticed TV appearances (The Great Battle , France's Got Talent), incredibly festive shows and an amazing audience!!!!

After 5 eps & 1 album, CelKilt is back in the studio preparing its future album!


Allocation of funds

-Recording & mixing in several studios around the globe (Switzerland, Italy, France): 20.000€

-Mastering (With Howie Weinberg among others (Nirvana, Jeff Buckley, U2, Dropkick Murphys...): 3000€

-Many Awesome Music Videos : 15.000€

-Promotion, diffusion, comm : 10.000€

We want to do things GREAT and keep on rolling as an independent band, so we need you, our favorite coproducers!!!!


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