Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest 2016 - Construire les bateaux de demain

Revolutionize shipping, anyone? Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest the challenge launched by HYDROcontest, join the project!

Project visual Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest 2016 - Construire les bateaux de demain
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Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest 2016 - Construire les bateaux de demain

         What is HYDROcontest ?


From July 24 to July 31, 2016, 26 teams composed of engineering students from all over the world are meeting on Lake Leman (Switzerland) for HYDROcontest. This first international competition is challenging these future engineers to conceive boats, taking into account the issues of energy efficiency and maritime transport.


This year, the team Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest is prepared for a new challenge ! After having reached the quarter finals in both categories, we are determined to win.


For the 2016 edition, we are 9 2nd and 3rd year students at Centrale Nantes, working together on the design and building of the boats.





          From design to competition


The rules concerning the design and building of both boats leave us a large degree of freedom. The difference between the boats will without any doubt lie with the concept, the design, the materials and the construction process The only elements which are obligatory and cannot be altered are the weights, the motor and the battery.


The team Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest is working on two boats :


- The heavy boat





Private BoatL_ger_caract_ristiques-1467962707



Allocation of funds

          A project with a significant buget


This year again, we need materials to build our hulls and have better electronical equipments, which were a problem last year.


Here is the estimated budget:




Or, more visually:



Here are the changes in cash:



What if we get too much money ?


The extra money will go to next year’s team !

This year, our main focus has been on the private boat, and on the foils, but a real challenge await us with the heavy boat… We must rethink its design and work with new materials, as we did with the private boat !


This is a project that we are eager to work on and hand down to next year’s team !



          Partners invested in our projects


In order to give ourselves the best possible odds, we convinced some big companies to support us ! Thanks to their help, we were able to make real economies but also to get some proper expertise.


This year, Centrale Nantes HYDROcontest can count on :


 - Centrale Nantes


The school offered two internships paid 6 months and two courses of one month so that the project can benefit students dedicated to ensuring its progress. It also supports the machining hours, finance association, provides local and help with communication.




Specialized in deep stamping, 3D laser cut and folding, Mecam44 society agreed to manufacture the metal parts which will make the pivot links of the foils, as well as the parts which will attach the motor to the structure.

Moreover, 25 weights, identical to those that will be given on the day of the contest by HYDROS, were also manufactured so that we could do some tests in Centrale Nantes Bassin, under real conditions




SikaAxson is a world leader in the production of epoxy and polyurethane resins, and is helping us by supplying the composite materials necessary for the construction of our two boats.

They also gave us expert advice on how to use them




Streamline is a firm of engineering consultants that offers services in design and naval engineering. The company backed us a lot during the conception and the optimisation of our boats


         Why not you ?


The project comes to an end and our expected budget begins to show its limitations.


This year's budget is around € 23,000 . Crowdfunding campaign aims to support our team’s and our boats’ travel expenses to Switzerland but also to enable us to manufacture the last missing parts .


Take advantage of this project to associate your name with an ambitious international event promoting the development of sustainable and innovative solutions in the field of shipping !



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