Cinés Méditerranée, the book

“Cinés Méditerranée”, a photographic project on cinemas of the southern coast of the Mediterranean sea, from Morocco to Lebanon.

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Cinés Méditerranée, the book

a Good news! Thanks to you, the fundraising is a success. The book will have more pages pages (152 instead of 112), and its price will go from 25 euros now to 29 euros later in bookstores. Last days to buy the book at 25 euros! The project Cinés Méditerranée started in 2010 in Alexandria and Cairo and today brings together Moroccan, Algerian, Tunisian, Egyptian and Lebanese cinemas. These countries, endowed with an exceptional architectural heritage, have been captured by photographer Stephan Zaubitzer with a large format camera. Together with the young publishing house “Building Books” focused on art and architecture, Stephan Zaubitzer is releasing a book on cinemas of the southern coast of the Mediterranean sea. A unique work conceived as a photographic journey where we discover, from one country to another, all the richness of these unique places, vectors of dreams. Thanks to this crowdfunding and your participation, this long-term project will finally be able to exist in the form of a book. a The book The book will include around 75 photographs of cinemas in Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt and Lebanon. To get an overview of the selection, see a short slideshow. The book's preface is signed by film critic, scholar, essayist, screenwriter and director Alain Bergala. It will translated into Arabic and English. Book description Size: 23x30 cm Pages: 112 Cover: soft with inner flaps (18 cm), 4/1 printing (black) on 240g offset paper. Inside: 96 pages, 4/4 printing on 115g coated paper + 16 pages 1/1 printing (black) on 90g offset paper Binding: sewn and glued a The exhibition in La Ciotat An exhibition will take place at the “Chapelle des Pénitents Bleus” in the city of La Ciotat, at the end of September 2021. The building is right next to the world's oldest cinema founded by the Lumière Brothers, the Cinema Eden. This is the perfect opportunity for the launch of the book. Each contributor will receive an invitation for the opening of the exhibition. a Biography of the author Stephan Zaubitzer works in the field of documentary photography. He photographs the world as it is. His photographs, which show pieces of reality, serve as an anchor for the surreal of the viewer. Since 2003, Cinés Monde has become his long-term work on downtown cinemas around the world. With a large format camera, in natural or artificial light, he travels the world to continue the inventory of these architectures governed by the laws of optics. His inventory of this architecture governed by the laws of optics delivers a testimony formerly only preserved by memory. His works are regularly exhibited in art centers, museums or film and photography festivals: Galerie Cinéma (2015, 2019), Boghossian Foundation in Brussels (2108), Institut du Monde Arabe (2017, 2021), Kunstraum / Bethanien in Berlin (2018), Photomed (2016), Cultura banco de Brazil in Rio (2015). In 2004, he received a World Press Photo for his series on outdoor cinemas in Ouagadougou. Since 2015, Stephan Zaubitzer has been represented by the Galerie Cinéma d'Anne-Dominique Toussaint in Paris. a a To go further Conference with Francis Lacloche at the City of Architecture and Heritage, 2021 Cinés Méditerranée au Pont Saint Ange, Institute of Islamic Cultures, 2020 Divas Arabes Exhibition (2021), Biennial of Photographers of the Contemporary Arab World (2017), Institute du Monde Arabe, Paris Ciné-Egyptomania, Cinémathèque Française with Philippe Pumain, architect of Luxor in Paris. Photographer's website:

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<p><img alt="" src="" width="100%" />The 6000 euros will finance the costs of printing and photoengraving. The design of the book is done by graphic design studio <a href="" target="_blank">Building Paris</a>. The publication is planned for September 2021 for the opening of the exhibition at the Chapelle des P&eacute;nitents Bleus in La Ciotat.<img alt="" src="" width="100%" /><img alt="" src="" width="100%" /></p> <p>&nbsp;</p>



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1 signed copy of the book Cinés Méditerranée Be one of the first to receive your copy of book at your home or by coming to the opening of the exhibition at La Ciotat + invitation to the opening of the exhibition at La Ciotat

Estimated delivery: September 2021


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2 signed copies of the book Be one of the first to receive two signed copies of the book at your home or by coming to the opening of the exhibition at La Ciotat + invitation to the opening of the exhibition at La Ciotat. You'll be able to gift a book to a friend!

Estimated delivery: September 2021

1 signed copy of the book + a print of the cover image


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A signed copy of the book + a signed 18x24 cm print of the Rio cinema in Alexandrie (lambda satin print) + invitation to the opening at the Chapelle des Pénitents Bleus in September 2021.

Estimated delivery: September 2021


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1 signed of the book + a 30x40cm print on Baryta Hahnemühle 315g paper, printed on inkjet. You can choose the photo here: The edition of each photograph is limited to 15 copies. It will be numbered, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity and signed on the back. And an invitation to the opening at the Chapelle des Pénitents Bleus in La Ciotat in September!

Estimated delivery: September 2021

1 signed copy of the book + an art print


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The signed Cinés Méditerranée book accompanied by a framed art print of your choice, which you can select here: Each photograph is mounted on aluminum, numbered from 1 to 9 (+2 artist), the framing is made to measure, the glass raised and the white rotating by 6 centimeters. The photograph is printed on Hahnemühle Baryté Paper, 315g. For the frame, you can choose between black, white or wenge. Formats Photo size: 50x62cm Final frame size: 62x74cm The final weight of the work is approximately 6 kilos, sending it to your home is possible, however a personal delivery is preferable.

Estimated delivery: October 2021

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