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Clair - Obscure

Dear friends,

Thank you with all my heart for having responded to the first part of the campaign. We reached the initial goal in record time. That leaves us more than a month to make this project even more beautiful and complete. Let us continue to dream!

As you know, digital media are now essential in our time. We are experiencing that especially in this Covid time: Even if, luckily for us, video will never replace a real concert, it has become very much part of our mode of communication and of promotion.  

The initial success of the funding project makes it possible to envisage a second goal or 150% objective: to collect further donations in order to be able to invest not only in a presentation film for the CD but also in the recording of a mini-concert, in order to be able to promote our project in the cultural environment.

A recording of this type costs around 1500 euros. Added to the 8% commission for the platform which hosts the campaign, the new objective will be to reach 8000 euros!

Thank you in advance for your generosity and support and for allowing us to look towards the light ...



—• First part of the project • —

Dear friends, dear music lovers, 

First, allow me to wish you a very happy new year 2021. Let us hope that this new year is livelier and more constructive than the year we have just lived! 

One who says new year, says new project!
And in these very insecure and uncertain times, it is essential to have goals and not let the surrounding heaviness obscure our path and our evolution.
In this crisis, artists suffer greatly from not being able to exercise and live from their profession. Solidarity then becomes an essential value for our survival. So, I hope you will be sympathetic to my artistic intentions... 

My next project will be the making of a CD dedicated to impressionist melody and expressionist lieder. I have long been looking forward to recording an opus devoted to these two musical poles from the beginning of the 20th century.
I have been surveying this repertoire and researching the interpretation of these two musical trends for more than ten years. From this maturing process, it seems a recording is to be born, to finally present these so poetic tones and publish them on a quality label to offer to you. 

For this major project to see the light of day, I must appeal to your solidarity.
I know that many of you are touched by my voice and my musical sensibility and you are already supporting me so morally in this winding artistic path that is the path of my life. But this time I appeal to your financial generosity to help me realize this project, this dream, in which you will be able to participate concretely to the best of your means. 

A secure Crowdfunding campaign has been set up for this purpose on the KISSKISSBANKBANK platform, where you can find an explanatory video of the project as well as all the information about offering your participation.
You just have to go to this link: 

I thank you in advance from the bottom of my heart for your warm and concrete support in this great musical adventure.

Allocation of funds

All donations will go towards covering the cost of recording and publishing the CD, the rental of the hall and the piano, plus any accommodation and travel expenses.

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