Clément, Alex et tous les autres (long-métrage)

Six single men and women are looking for love : gay, lesbian or straight, everyone's invovled in this comedy which can make you cry.

Project visual Clément, Alex et tous les autres (long-métrage)
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Clément, Alex et tous les autres (long-métrage)

Synopsis :

Clement is gay. Alex is lesbian. They are looking for a new roommate for their big apartment in Paris with only one demande : he must be gay ! And they find Leo, a charming student who is in deep trouble to find a place to sleep. Leo will do anything to get that room, whatever it takes...





Clement is a young filmmaker, but he never really shows his works because he doesn't think he is good enough. He lacks of confidence. Owner of a big flat , he is searching for roommates to forget about his loneliness.



Young and charming, Alex is a waitress in a restaurant and lives with her best friend Clement. She's always there for him, but she never really shows her own feelings. Soon someone will jump into her life accidentally and will change her plans...



Leo is a student in the university. Fresh in Paris, he's too poor to find a decent room to stay. When he visits Clement's apartment, he knows this will be his last chance !



She is Leo's friend. She is ready to do anything for love, or almost...



Clement's sister. Sigle for so long, she has nothing to do but coming visit her brother when she gets bored and that annoys a lot Clement... Anne is almost forty but still very young at heart. Her sensibilities touch everyone's heart.



Clement's ex-boyfriend. He just moved out but he can't help but coming back to see if Clement is alright... David is a big guy, but he is also the most sensitive one....


Short statement from the director 


I wrote WE AND THE OTHERS (Clément, Alex et tous les autres) 12 years ago for a stage play. The play has stayed 5 weeks in a small theatre and had a certain success. It's a sentimental comedy about love and loneliness. People really loved it. Today, I think I really need to make it to a film. In this world full of fear and war, doutes and hate, it's time to show something different, something about our lives and our sensibilities.


WE AND THE OTHERS is a way for me to try something different in filmmaking. After my debut feature film experience in Taiwan, I eager to do something different, something new. A sentimental comedy is a best way to make me to work with the actors closer than never. We will work as a group, to explore our potentiel in all aspects. At the end, I really hope this experience can achieve something fresh, something different, and something great.


We really need your help so please give us a hand and I know that I won't let you down. If you want to do something good, it's today, it's this film ! Thank you very much !



Cast : 




… as Clément


David MORA


 … as David




… as Leo


Carolina JURCZAK

Carolina_jurczak_2-1506726925 ... as Alex




... as Maeva



Chlo__berthier-1505502451 ... as Anne




Writer / director :


Cheng-Chui KUO


Born in Taiwan, Cheng-Chui lives in France for almost 20 years. His first short film "Family Viewing" was nominated in French Cesar award, won Audience Award in Clermont-Ferrand festival and Grand Prize in Brest European short film festival, and travelled all around the world. "Expiration" has been shown in Taipei, Moscou and Paris. First Feature "Debussy's Forrest" was released in Taiwan in 2016. WE AND THE OTHERS (Clément, Alex, et tous les autres) will be his first French feature.


Allocation of funds

FIRST STAGE : 10 000 €

Materials : 3000 €

Set decoration, costume designe, makeup  : 2000€

Location / Production fee : 1000 €

Post-production : 1000 €

Tax : 1500 €

Commission KKBB and gifts for donners : 1500 €


SECOND STAGE : 20 000 €

We can finally rent the materials we want. And with this extra money, we can have ONE MORE SHOOTING DAY to work in a good condition.


THIRD STAGE : 30 000 €

If by chance we can reach this goal, we can have DCP copie for theatre release and make professional copies in DVD and Blu-Ray.




SHOOTING : FROM OCT. 27 TO NOV. 5 (8 days)

FILM EDITING : DECEMBER 2017 (one month)



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