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Climax is the first book of JB Liautard, a gifted 27 year old photographer who has become an essential reference in the world of mountain biking. The images of this French talent, born in Romans-sur-Isère, are distinguished by their careful aesthetics and meticulous construction. JB Liautard, who turned to photography after a mountain bike crash, takes a different, creative and original look at his sport. Climax. Refers to the peak of a progression or a story, the most intense moment. In Turkey, Peru, Spain, Guatemala, Canada or France, close to home, JB Liautard transforms the bicycle into poetry, the sport into art. He is a craftsman of the perfect image, which he tracks down with great care in the most beautiful landscapes of the world, with the complicity of the best international mountain bike riders. In Climax we find Andreu lacondeguy, Myriam Nicole, Yoann Barelli, Kyle Strait, Thomas Genon, Kilian Bron, Jaxson Riddle, Rémi Thirion or Paul Couderc. " JB has made a name for himself in the best possible way, through the quality of his work and his creativity." - Kilian Bron Climax will be published in November 2022 by Les Éditions Mons, which specialises in sports books and has, for example, published Turbulences, by Ben Thouard. The 70 most beautiful photos of JB Liautard are to be found in Climax, printed on 170g coated paper and assembled in a top-of-the-range object, a real art book. The book Climax (Éditions Mons, November 2022) 128 pages 23 x 30 cm Coated paper 170 g Preface by Kilian Bron Bilingual Français / English A pack (book + print) is offered exclusively during the 40 days of this pre-order campaign. Climax will be accompanied by an art print, signed by JB Liautard, of one of the following 4 photos: "For me, he's perhaps the best photographer in the mountain bike world, at least in his use of light, effects or outdoor products. He has really brought something new and creative to our discipline in the last few years". Hugo Frixtalon

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The development of Climax began many months ago between JB Liautard and Éditions Mons. This was a joint effort with Alexis Berg (art direction), Inés Davodeau (graphic designer), Patricia Oudit (journalist) and Aurélien Delfosse and Frédéric Berg (editors). Climax will be sent to print in October, in order to be sent to the contributors of this campaign at the beginning of November, about ten days before the book arrives in bookshops. In 2022, the book economy is more fragile than ever. Paper prices have exploded in recent months. Printing a book has never been so expensive, especially for an independent publisher, who chooses never to give up on quality. In this context, these pre-sales are necessary, even vital.




  • 242 contributions
Climax, the book 128 pages. 23x30 cm. Coated paper 170g Careful shipping worldwide

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Climax + Print


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Climax, the book + photo print 128 pages. 23x30 cm. Coated paper 170g Careful shipping worldwide 1 photo print 27.5 × 21.5 cm, signed (to be chosen among 4 photos)

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Climax x 2


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Two copies of the book. One package.

Estimated delivery: November 2022

Climax x 3


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Three copies of the book. One package.

Estimated delivery: November 2022

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