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Six rappers, each and everyone of them looking for their Nectar, meet up in a timeless projection room : the key to their unity.



Six singular rappers, six different stories, six ways to see the world, six ways to film it, all condensed into an ambitious 5'30" music film with 13 sets : another way to describe Nectar.

After talking with the rappers from Brussels based collective Endor Records, we wanted to talk about their own "Nectar".


But what is a "Nectar" ?


For us, a "Nectar" is metaphor for a guilty pleasure, a hidden vice which we all have. In the case of this music film, each artist has a verse, which gives life to a story, story from which is extracted a Nectar.


"We believe that music videos are an expressive and intense artform, in the same way short films are, and seek to take the best of both worlds in our productions"  ~ 244


The 244 is made up of three cinema students from Brussels : Tom Coss, Tim Coussement and Théo Dupic. We know, that's a lot of "T"'s.

Passionate about the video artform, we have individually created content for quite some time, with a clear preference for music videos and short films. After meeting each other in Brussels, we have decided to unite under the name 244 to create our visual stories.

The three of us have a different experience of filmmaking.

Theo come from the world of fiction, having been a DOP on several short-films. Tim has directed number of music videos for various parisian artists. Tom is somewhere in between, having both made short-films and music videos in the past. 

These differences in our approach of the video medium are an incredible strenght, which we benefit from continuously.

We also complement each other scholarly. Tim and Tom, who study editing at the INSAS, benefit from Theo's more technical cinematography course at the IAD, and vice versa.


A few pictures from past projects


TOAM - TORNADE Directed by Tom Coss

BENITA feat. TR - JACKETA Directed by Tim Coussement

Cauchemard Cinematography by Theo Dupic


Discover some of our past work here :


Tom Coss :

TOAM - TORNADE (Clip Officiel) 

TOAM - FAIS LE (Clip Officiel)

Tim Coussement :


MOJO - Higheur


Theo Dupic :



Allocation of funds

Making a music film implies a number of locations and expensive gear to rent, costumes and props to create, but not only. To create Nectar, a team of 15 volunteers, which we have to feed and cover the expenses for over the course of an intense 7 day shoot, will be necessary !


A few numbers



Join us in making this ambitious music film a reality !


For us, Nectar is the next big step in our creative journey. After 6 months of hard work fueled by years and years of exploration and discovery of a passion we share, this music film feels like the accomplishment of a vision.

For you, it's a way to help support young creatives in exchange of great rewards at a time where it's hard to get money from the usual structures. Without you, it will be extremely difficult for us to make this music video/short film which means a lot to us a reality !


We need your help !


Together, we have 30 days to breath life into the lines of the script, and make a huge leap forward in the shape of Nectar. Take part in a fund raising under the sign of solidarity for a team of volunteers who thank you already !

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