Clothèque - your unlimited Nordic closet

Clothèque - your unlimited Nordic wardrobe

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Clothèque - your unlimited Nordic closet

Clothèque is like Netflix for fashion. 


Clothèque is a fashion library with focus on Nordic styles, lending clothes to customers either via a monthly subscription or one-time rentals.

The era of the sharing economy is here, and this includes the fashion industry - this is where we come in. We already share bikes, cars, music, apartments, movies - why not clothes? Our generation is all about using things, owning is not the way of today.


Our vision is to increase the lifecycle of clothes, to provide you with an opportunity to constantly update your wardrobe with beautiful, high quality clothes and to experience new styles and brands in an affordable and environmental friendly way. Trends go by, why not let the clothes live as long as possible.





Our mission is to revolutionize the way how people consume fashion, which should over time decrease the fast-fashion industry and slow down the one-sided mass consumption of today.  We will offer everyone an opportunity to dress nicely and to constantly update your wardrobe. Enjoy different clothes every month in a more sustainable and wallet-friendly way!



What exactly is Clothèque?


Your unlimited wardrobe filled with clothes for all occasions, bags, accessories, scarves etc.  Imagine walking into your cool sister's dream wardrobe and be able to pick out exactly the outfit you want. 

The Clothèque-style is a mix of Nordic purity, minimalistic, clean and top notch quality, as well as Parisian chic with earthy colors, turtlenecks and that wonderful hint of little androgyny.



Where can you find Clothèque?


You can come into our store (that will be located somewhere in central Paris) or visit our website (subscribe to our newsletter and we will notify you when it's open!)


As of right now, the delivery will only include the Paris-region, but delivery to the French Metropolitan is planned for the future.



How does Clothèque work?


You have several different options to choose from, just pick one that fits your needs!


Basic subscription: 109€ / month allows you to use two items for a month.

- Delivery & Return included

- Pressing included


Premium subscription: 149€/month that allows you to use three items for a month.

- Delivery & Return included

- Pressing included


One time-rental: You pay 20% of the retail price of the item, and you can keep it for a week.

- Pressing included



If you fall in love with a piece, you can make it yours forever by purchasing it to a reduced price (price depends on the newness of the item. The discounts are ranging from 10-60%).


Who is Clothèque for? 


For you, your bestie, your mum, your sister, your colleague... Clothèque is for every woman that likes to dress nicely, try new styles, update their wardrobe and save the world a little by a little.

For now, there are only women's collections, but the objective is to include men's collections in 2019. 

When will Clothèque open?


The launch is predicted for early summer 2018. We are creating partnerships with brands as speaking, developing our website and scouting for the perfect location. We will keep you posted - but don't worry, early summer we will be here - but we need your support!


Who are we? 




Behind the Clothéque are two pan-European citizens, both with Nordic origin and with a passion to bring Nordic trend styles to French streets, beginning from Paris. We are Erica Nieminen & Oda Odland Nordstrom, both with Viking roots, now living and working in Paris having a blend of business skills, comprehensive knowledge of Nordic trends and complete fluency in all the Nordic languages as well as French and English


Erica, a Swedish-speaking Finn via the USA to Paris. Passionate about sports, the sharing economy, entrepreneurship and fashion, Erica is the strategy & business development expert behind Clothèque.


Oda, a Norwegian via Copenhagen to Bangkok and now Paris. Fashion, lifestyle, e-commerce, the environment and inspiring people are what motivate Oda, who is the creative & marketing expert at Clothèque. 



Allocation of funds


 40% of the money collected is dedicated to developing our online platform which is estimated to launch in June 2018.


 20% will go to the deployment of our marketing and communication strategy.


20% will go to all the goodies we are giving you plus the Kiss Kiss Bank Bank fee. The delivery of the counterparties will be done summer 2018.


10% is accounted for our launching event, which we will host in Paris summer 2018. 


Clothèque SAS will receive the entire sum collected. 


12 000€: We will be able to purchase furniture and equipment for our store.


15 000€: We can further increase the inventory of the fashion library.


20 000€: The Clothèque team can get reinforcement in the fall. 


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Millions of thank you's!




Erica & Oda


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