Cloud Nature - Transformez vos fichiers en arbres !

Cloud Nature is a file host that plants a tree every time you save a file !

Project visual Cloud Nature - Transformez vos fichiers en arbres !
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Cloud Nature - Transformez vos fichiers en arbres ! is a website that allows you to store all your files online for access anywhere via the internet.


1 File saved = 1 Tree planted

(We plant a tree for every file uploaded!)


Indeed, thanks to the revenues that the advertising generates, we use 80% of our turnover to plant trees in deforested places in France and soon everywhere in the world.
So you plant trees while backing up your files on secure and eco-friendly servers (they run 100% on renewable energy).




My name is Guillaume Richard, I am a young entrepreneur of 22 years who wants to propose an ecological solution through the internet.

My two parents are farmers, I first wish to reforest their land using this website and then reforest the planet!


First the trees will be planted on places in France having been deforested or on places where there have never been trees then they will be planted all over the world in the territories with the most needs


You will earn a premium account :

(normally paying)



  • An unlimited and ecological storage space to save all your data.
  • Your files are kept forever.
  • A maximum download speed, you will be able to access your data from your smartphone or tablet.
  • The duration of your premium account will be according to the donation.

Allocation of funds

This will serve the development of our company :



  • 1 Creation of the company
  • 2 New website design
  • 3 Tree planting
  • 4 Maintenance and modification of the website
  • 5 Payments from our Green Servers (They Run 100% on Renewable Energy)


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