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Coin-Op Revival

Over the past 6 years, Coin-Op Legacy has been a driving force on the Arcade preservation scene, by restoring vintage machines from the 70s to the 90s and organizing multiple public events. Our mission is to promote and preserve the unique legacy of Arcade video games – recognizing their importance from a cultural, artistic, and technical point of view.

Based in France, our club maintains more than 200 cabinets, most of which are in full working condition and ready to play! Indeed, our goal is to share the joy of Arcade gaming beyond lucky collectors and those who were lucky enough to experience them in their youth. 

However, the current crisis has affected us just like many Arcade locations worldwide: We have already been forced to shut down our existing location in the suburbs of Paris and store our arcade cabinets in temporary storage. Unless we find new funding, we will be forced to permanently close our club and sell our collection…

Our crowdfunding campaign on KissKissBankBank aims to provide us with the funds to safeguard this priceless gaming legacy and relocate to Paris so that we may have more public impact.

To thank our backers, we have also planned some fantastic rewards: a 200-page compendium of our most beloved arcade machines published in French and English by Omake Books "Coin-Op Legacy: Electronic Dreams"; free access to our Arcade history videos in collaboration with Alex Pilot & Gamekult; and exclusive access to a brand-new Collector's Quest by Florent Gorges.

If you care about Arcades and our gaming legacy, or even just for old times' sake, then help us!

Allocation of funds

Before the pandemic, our club relied entirely on membership dues from arcade fans and the occasional events for its financing. This is no longer possible, and we have decided to launch this crowdfunding campaign to solicit a wider group of people interested in preserving our gaming legacy. This means you!

We hope this will be a restart for the club, giving more people access to Arcade games and driving awareness from corporate and political stakeholders. In fact, our ambitious aim is to open the first Arcade museum in France around 2024-2025.  

We have tried to detail our funding goals below as accurately as possible, along with some nice rewards and surprises for our backers… ultimately, this is all about having fun together :)

Goal #1 at 45 000 € - Opening an Arcade showroom in Paris

Our immediate priority is to move our arcade cabinets to a safe location and restart our arcade repair & restoration activities. We estimate this will require approximately 10K€ for the move and storage.

Once our collection is safely stored away, our next step will be to open a mini showroom of 50m2 in Paris, which will be open to the public.

We think this is the minimum space required to work on 2 to 3 machines at a time, as well as set up an “arcade wall” to welcome visitors, organize training sessions, record new episodes of our much-appreciated Gamekult videos, etc.

Given the costs of operating a club inside Paris, we estimate a 35K€ yearly cost to rent and operate such a space. 

With this showroom, we first hope to share our collection with a wider public than we used to before, as well as gain better awareness from local authorities and benefactors, with a steadier source of funds. In turn, we will lobby for public funding to open our Arcade museum, which should be the biggest in Europe.

If we reach this goal, we will be able to realize the following

Publish a 200-page compendium of our most beloved arcade machines in French and English by Omake Books: "Coin-Op Legacy: Electronic Dreams"*Record a 3rd season of our Coin-Op Legacy videos for Gamekult, with 5 additional episodes filled with in-depth information and anecdotes on our most mythical machinesRecord an exclusive episode of Collector’s Quest with Florent Gorge to get an inside peak into our collection and the history behind it Set up an online community for all our backers and members on Discord, to share our passion for vintage arcade gaming  

Goal #2 at 70 000 € - Vintage Arcade club in Paris

If we reach this stretch goal, we should be able to increase the size of our Paris showroom to turn into a real Arcade club – the only one providing true vintage gaming in Paris.

To provide visitors with around 20 arcade cabinets, we will need around 30m2 of additional floor space, allowing us to welcome around 15 people simultaneously.

We will then be able to resume a regular schedule of arcade nights, and also open the club during the weekends for walk-in visitors. At last, we will be able to share the joy of Arcade gaming with a wider audience, which is our primary mission!

We estimate additional running costs for this floor extension at 25K€ per year, which is significant but also needed to get more exposure.

And if we ever reach that goal, we would like to thank the community with a special bonus: On top of the previous rewards, we will record an additional episode of Collectors’ Quest with Florent Gorges, and increase the size of our arcade compendium to cover not just 30 but 50 machines in depth! 

Let’s make it happen and keep Arcade gaming alive! 

* Work in progress

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