Compagnons de Clamart : Mission Cambodge !

Mission Cambodia : Clamart Scouts on the Move Help us fund our humanitarian project with with Coeur & Act and MEP

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Compagnons de Clamart : Mission Cambodge !







Come support a wonderful humanitarian project in Cambodia organized by our scout team in connection with reputable on-site charities!

Five "companions" of the Clamart division of Scouts de France, part of the international scout movement: Emilie Graille, Floraine Malpelet de Blic, Guillaume Pinon, Eliott Ardant and Louis Raffara.

Three locations : Siem Reab, Phnon Penh, Kampot;

Three assignments : food distribution, workshops for kids and renovation of school infrastructures

Two associations : Coeur & Act and Les Missions Etrangères de Paris (MEP)

                Five weeks of cultural exchange, solidarity and service to others ! 






22/07 - 12/08

Our journey begins with Coeur & Act in Siem Reab where we will stay and help for 3 days. This humanitarian organization,  founded in 2014, reaches out to children in need, and their communities, in the poorest neighborhoods of  Southern Asia ( 

We then move to the brand new Coeur & Act orphanage in Batangbang where for several weeks we will animate various workshops, provide English language and hygiene instruction to orphans ages 7 and 15, and help finish the construction of various infrastructures including a volleyball court  and vegetable garden.  We will also distribute  food to the needy in the community around the orphanage by Took Took.  These will be three very hands-on, engaging and culturally enriching weeks !




                                     ✧  Le Took Took du Coeur ✧



12/08 - 20/08

Six day programmed "discovery break" between Phnom Penh and Kampot, where we will visit temples, l'Ile aux Lapins in the Indian Ocean, and other sites.  We will end our break with a one day stop in a school in Kampot where we will organize some games with the children.




                                                     ✧ Kampot 



21/08 - 25/08

Four days of service in "Le village de la paix" in Takeo. This village is a center for handicapped children operated by Les Missions Etrangères de Paris. We will spend our time on renovation work and animating workshops for the children.




                                   ✧ "Le village de la paix" ✧


25/08 - 27/08

After a hop through Phnom Penh our trip will end in Siem Reab where we will liftoff  for Paris, our minds full of memories.




                   ✧ A map to better see our journey ✧


We hope you can help us make this beautiful project become real.  We are convinced that our small contribution will leave a positive imprint where we will have past, and that this experience will stay with us for life and help make us better people!




                                                         Thank you           


Emilie, Floraine, Eliott, Guillaume, Louis





                                                   ✧ Ankor…







Allocation of funds

As you might expect,  an assignment in Cambodia requires substantial financial resources. We have assessed the minimum cost of the project at  9.535 Euros, all inclusive.


Throughout this year we have been very active raising  funds, alongside our studies, through activities such as gardening, moving, Christmas tree sales, cake sales, catering, staff support at the Paris-Versailles Triathlon, to name a few.  These "extra-jobs", as we call them, have allowed us to collect 4.850 Euros, i.e. 54% of our total budget.


We will also each contribute 400 Euros of personal money which amounts to 2.000 Euros, or 22% of our total budget.


We also hope to raise 360 Euros from the General Council of the Hauts-de-Seine, our local administrative council, but the odds of getting the grant are slim due to recent cuts in public subsidies.


So we now rely strongly on your contribution, however modest or significant, to help us make ends meet and allow us to fulfill our humanitarian project in Cambodia. Thanks to your participation, we hope to raise the remaining 1.500 Euros, to meet our total budget.


Any sums collected beyond our 1.500 budget will be given to Coeur & Act to help support their action in Cambodia.

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