Contribuez au projet musical de MAARTY ;-)

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Project visual Contribuez au projet musical de MAARTY ;-)
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Contribuez au projet musical de MAARTY ;-)

Here we are !!

Now 1 Year of work to realize this EP (Album) !

A dream more than 15 years old ...

I started writing alone in my at the age of 8 , rap came into my life at 12.

I have always wanted to tell stories and share my emotions , so if you think you can give me a little help and you want to go into the adventure is where it happens ! Here we are ! !

Allocation of funds

What I propose to you?

The founds will be used to pay for future studio recording and to support me in order to be able to continue to create , improve and enter a more and more qualitative approach in the interest of music simply  !


So if that tells you , this is where it's happening ;-)

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