Convergence Therapies - L'outil de suivi de patients pour tous les thérapeutes manuels

Support manual therapy, participate in the development of an efficient tool to go even further in healthcare quality !

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Convergence Therapies - L'outil de suivi de patients pour tous les thérapeutes manuels

Convergence Therapies is a software for all professionals working on human body (physiotherapists, osteopaths, physiotherapists, chiropractors, etc.) to improve the effectiveness of therapists and the quality of care that they provide to their patients.







Why another software ?


The thinking that led us to the design of this tool was simple: we did not find on the software market a tool enabling us to monitor patients correctly with regards to the treatment cycle. If there are many "practice" software, ensuring calendar functions, patient database, invoicing, etc., there are however very few tools that monitor patterns of consultation and treatments performed on patients. The few existing applications that provides this type of functionalities are too complex to use (too rich, poor ergonomics, return on time invested close to 0 ...) or designed for sport coaching and therefore not detailed enough. With this in mind, we then decided to design a real support tool for the manual therapist, that will help in making the best treatment choices for patients.




How to build the best ?


Our goals


For us to do better than what we have already encountered, we have to follow several guidelines allowing us to achieve perfection :) We have designed this tool keeping while in mind the following objectives:


- ease of use, to facilitate its handling and optimize its daily use

- efficiency at key moments of the session (mostly beginning and end) because it is unthinkable to have to record information when you are working with you patient

- need of relevant and objective tools to facilitate the analysis of the results and monitor the effectiveness of treatments administered

- re-use of information collected in the application: what is the point of filling out forms if the only reuse that is made is just to displays the form previously filled ? Might as well have stuck to pen and paper...


The tools

Here we lay out in detail our vision for Convergence Therapies's core tools :




We started from the principle that a visual aid is worth a thousand words ... and we have come to the development of a 3D puppet:



By visually synthesizing essential information, this model allows the therapist to get a unique representation of their patients and to help develop the most accurate treatment.

The 3D Patient is usable in several pages of the application, but its use is most effective in the history monitoring screen: all patient history is visible at a glance, and is associated with a timeline to locate them easily in time.






    Photo taking


We also thought about the assessment and monitoring of the posture of patients over time. If a textual description may be sufficient in some cases, a picture is the most objective way to compare the evolution of the work done between the beginning and end of treatment.




To simplify the marking of important informations, we designed a picture-taking tool that allows you to annotate photos and easily compare them sessions after sessions

If you have enough room to install 2 camera in your office, you can have simultaneously (in 1 click) both 2 faces or 2 profiles of your patients, reducing the number of poses for your patient and saving your time.






Our motivation to create a simple and efficient tool has led us to design a fairly intuitive input method for treatments: pickup with one click in the repository of your most commonly used techniques, only add the missing information... its done !




As every therapist has his own technical methods and vocabulary, you can create and modify your own technical repository in the setting of the application.



From the data collected in the application, it is possible to follow the evolution of the patient via a synthesis based on the use of Visual Analog Scales (VAS) :




Several graphs will be available and generated automatically based on the VAS used during the various sessions of consultation.

The input values will be notably present in the screen dedicated to the patient point of view, which we call "Pain and Symptoms":






How are gathered all this information ?


For each patient, the practitioner has a screen listing the reasons for consultation and all the associated sessions. A series of buttons allow him to access to the key features of each consultation objects : see the synthesis for the already made sessions, access the last session, edit and print a care report, create a new session, close the consultation object...





How to communicate the results ?


The practitioner can edit a health report for each reason for consultation of his patients, which synthesizes the postural changes and patient pain level over  sessions. It is pre-filled with pictures of the beginning and end of treatment, graphs showing changes in the level of VAS, and a text box to comment the report.   This report is printable and sendable by email to facilitate communication of results with the prescriber and make the patient actor of his health.  


Versions and software compatibility


In its first version, the software will be compatible with all recent Windows platforms (Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8). The second version (which should come at the end of the year 2015) will be fully compatible with Mac OS and Linux platforms. The software will be initially available in French and will be available in English from its second version.






Who are we ?



Pierre ACHARD :  Physiotherapist and Osteopath, I had the opportunity to train myself to other techniques: RPG (Global Posture Re-education - Philippe Souchard), Niromaté, Bowen, maxillofacial rehabilitation... Over time, this has led me to manage more and more information to refine my diagnosis and develop the most targeted and effective treatment options. Collecting this data in a simple text file today offers no possibilities of synthesis and requires a lot of time for later use. A specific application to support this process would be a great help. I have searched the software market, but could not find any satisfying product. I therefore decided to start Convergence Therapies with Sylvain, and thus build a complete tool for the intelligent monitoring of our patients.



Sylvain ACHARD : IT consultant specialized in web technologies, I am passionate about the health domain. Pierre and I have had many discussions about the forever too complex or inefficient tools that are available to health practitioners. Understanding that no tools were available to help the health professionals to better take care for their patients, I decided to start Convergence Therapies. I am committed to developing this tool in a spirit of efficiency and simplicity, to serve a purpose: to allow manual therapists to better care for their patients.






They support us !



Philippe E. SOUCHARD : The Global Postural Re-education is a method of therapy born in 1980 from the publication of the book "Le Champs Clos - Bases de la RPG" by the french physiotherapist Ph E. SOUCHARD.





Centre Ressource : The aim of the Resource Centre is to create a supportive environment that allows people affected by cancer to have a different perspective on the disease (patient and entourage alike) and to be an actor of his own health.


Allocation of funds

We care deeply about this project, and we truly want to offer an efficient software product that will make your life easier and provide an added value day-to-day. We believe in it, and that is why we have ourselves funded the first stages of conception, prototyping, and graphic design, all of which represent about 30% of the project's total cost.


We cannot however meet the costs of the project's next steps without being certain that it will receive the interest we hope for. Through this funding campaign, we wish to ensure the development of this software and its continuation, starting with its first version as it is presented here through to future iterations... (and we have many good ideas for those)!


Shown below is the expected spending:




As you can see the main source of cost lies in the development of the software.


The total cost of the project is important, the aim of this crowdfunding campaign is to reach 40% of the project real cost. If we meet our goal of 12 800€we will fund the rest of the project ourselves !


What if we exceed our target ???


Let's be bold! If we exceed our target amount, the improvements we had in mind for future versions and couldn't include on our initial budget would be available at launch:


- A female 3D model to better localise antecedents and pain points on female patients

- English and Spanish versions

- 2 fill-out forms for pains and symptoms : the QDSA (Questionnaire Douleur Saint-Antoine) and the QLQ (Quality of Life Questionnaire)

- Added graphics and tools for the tracking of patient ailments correlated with treatment

- And of course compatibility for Mac & Linux systems, as well as tablet !






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