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The project

Dear friends, followers, inhabitants, or enthusiasts of Copenhagen,


After spending 3 years in Copenhagen, collecting insights on the urban life of this rapidly changing city, I decided to transform my initial project, which was mainly focused on publishing images on my blog, and venture into creating a more tangible and lasting object.


For the very first day that I spent in the capital of Denmark, I decided to take photos of Copenhagen in order to share the urban life of this charming, bohemian city that is undergoing significant changes.

Every single day, I posted a distinctive picture on my blog (, my Facebook, and FlickR page, trying to capture the atmosphere of the day. The themes are quite varied and cover architecture, urban landscapes, bicycle culture, events, festivals, and nightlife. Copenhagen is currently going through what is probably its most important urban transition yet, which not only impacts its public spaces and buildings, but also what is happening within these places, and therefore affects and changes the day to day lives of its inhabitants.


I have already published over 1,000 photos and I’m currently creating a 170-page book gathering the greatest and most iconic shots. While flipping through the pages of this book, you can either use it as guide to visit the city from a different perspective, or you can experience the urban life while sitting in your own home. Either way, this book will help you discover the country of orange sunsets, midnight suns, Christmas celebrations, and summer festivals. And of course, contemporary architecture, Scandinavian traditions, and new Nordic cuisine are also covered!





When it comes to architecture, cultural life, or city events, Copenhagen has been going through many changes over the last 5 years and this book represents an updated snapshot of what the city stands for today. Each picture is linked to a caption which includes the date on which it was taken. This will allow you to follow the evolution of the city over the course of recent years.





During the last 3 years, many people – both Danes and foreigners with ties to Copenhagen – have been following the project on a daily basis. Their common denominator is an affinity for this city. I am relying on them to help me transform this digital project into a concrete, tangible book that they can own. This book is the direct outcome of my interaction with Copenhagen’s inhabitants and the numerous individuals who followed my work through various social networks. This book is made for you and based on your comments and recommendations.






Why fund it?

The money collected through this crowd-funding will only be used to finance the printing of the first 100 books, which will be available for sale online early next year. This will also allow me to approach editors with a book sample.


Details on the book:

- Number of pages: 170 pages printed in color on both side using 130gr. paper

- Format: 20 x 25 cm (landscape)

- Cover: Soft cover with flaps (350 gr.)

- Color pictures with captions in English


What I will handle:

- printing of the first 100 books with a professional printer

- printing of post cards, posters and photographs

- Shipping WORLDWIDE


Please, if you want to get the book just before Christmas, write a comment on the website. 


Thanks a lot for your support

Merci beaucoup pour votre aide sur ce projet 

Tusind tak



Clotilde Imbert

I’m a full-time urban planner, blogger, and photographer, living in Copenhagen and hailing from France. During the last 3 years I have worked on several photo projects, often involving urban cycling, and always linked to urban life.

Newest comments

Super project. Je te souhaite mille des bonnes choses. Mucha suerte y felicidades! Andrea
3 ans de photos journalières , une découverte d'un pays au fil des jours et des thèmes, qu'elle belle idée, merci de nous en faire la synthèse dans un livre .Bravo Clotilde d'avoir mené ce projet à bien, j'espère que les dernières participations vont permettre d'atteindre l'objectif.
Bravo Clotilde ! C'est un très beau projet et cela a été un vrai plaisir de suivre son avancement au cours des années. Sa concrétisation en un livre est une idée excellente.