With your help, we could produce a new item !


The project


Hi everyone, 

We are making a new iron on patch for our brand, Corn & Sorn and we are hoping you might be interested in helping us finance it.


We love Christmas, and it seems absolutely essential for us to have in our collection, a design related to this most magical time of the year. Iron on patches are very trendy at the moment. You can use them to customize your outfits.


To develop our business we need to offer a wider range of products. And we would like to take this opportunity to involve you in the process. 

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By contributing to this project you will receive this patch before Christmas to thank you for your participation (the image on main page is a patch that we have already produced). You can also gift it to a friend. 


Thank you very much for taking the time to consider our project.


Warm regards,


Sorn & Conor

Why fund it?

With your help we will be able to bring this new design to life.


Your participation will help us pay the item production, packaging, shipping and kiss kiss bank bank fees.


Hitting our goal would be absolutely fantastic and if we exceed this goal, we will invest the rest of your donations to further widen our range of products.


If we hit our goal, Sorn will receive the entire amount of money collected. So we will be able to start production on November 12th 2017. And receive it by November 28th 2017. For those who contributed four euros or more, expect to receive your patch beginning of December. 


Our design is ready and just waiting for you.



“Corn & Sonor” is the story of Sorn and Conor two newly wed creative minds, who settled in Anglet in the Basque country (southwest of France) in 2014. This new environment allowed the full expression of their imagination and the birth of the concept : Corn & Sonor. Sorn is French, born to a French- American mother and a Thaï father. She is a... See more

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