court-métrage MIME SANS GRIME

Become creators of a beautiful short movie MIME WITHOUT MAKEUP which will go to international festivals.

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court-métrage MIME SANS GRIME

When one mime puts on makeup so the world becomes colourful. The main character is presented by famous french mime – Jean Bernard Laclotte.


I am an young film director from far Siberia who came to Paris to study cinema. After receiving my Master degree “Cinema and Audiovisual” at the Sorbonne University, I lanced my first serious film project: MIME WITHOUT MAKEUP. This ambitious project is very ambitious and it will be applied at all international festivals.





PITCH: In this grey world we need a flash of light and colour. Every day one mime goes to his theater giving a joy to people of Paris. He is an actor, or he has invented this colored universe and to be an artist is just his dream? How to be a ‘Mime without makeup’?





CASTING: The main character will be presented by french actor, mime, student of legendary Marcel Marceau, founder of international mime day – Jean Bernard Laclotte.




Performance by Jean Bernard Laclotte

MUSIC: Our composer is a very talented musician Alexandre TCHAUTCHIDZE who has graduated from Tbilissi State Conservatory and Musical Institute of Paris.





Our team is really professional:


Head cameraman: Evgeniy IVANENKO who has a big experience. He was working at Russian television and EuroNews.





Designer: Igor MEKHTIEV. He has graduated from Paris Higher Professional School of Graphic Arts and Architecture, the books with his design are sold at the FNAC.





Photographer: Xenia Chaus. She has a diploma by New York Institute of photography, she works at the fashion and cinema.




Director assistant: Daria KONSTANTINOVA. She has a Master degree “Cinema, Art and Media” by University Paris-Diderot. She was working at the projects “Viktor” and “The voice of the steppes” with Gerard Depardieu.




Allocation of funds

First of all, your money will go to location of equipment, music recording and post production.


Music recording: 160 €

Light: 300 €

Camera Blackmagic: 320 €

Optic, rig, ecran: 280 €

Post production (editing, mixing, special effects): 400 €


If we collect more then the asking amount so this money will go to screening organisation in Paris, Lyon and Montpellier with life performance by main actor.


Dear friends!

I believe that just with your support we will make this wonderful movie, which takes a honor place at the international festivals.



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